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#Croydon #TechCity Season Launch – Thursday 24th September at 7:30pm @MatthewsYard

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Jonny Rose announces the star-studded lineup for Croydon Tech City’s autumn launch event

After a two-month summer recess, Croydon Tech City is back on the scene and reconvening at Matthews Yard to start a new season of tech demos, talks, and shenanigans, as we continue to make Croydon a credible player in the European startup scene.

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BBC’s The Apprentice star Bianca Miller to keynote Croydon Tech City September launch

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It is my pleasure to announce that Bianca Miller, a finalist in the most recent series of BBC One’s The Apprentice, will be keynoting the Croydon Tech City September launch on Thursday 24th September, 7.30pm at Matthews Yard.

After studying Business Management at the University of Sussex, Bianca joined one of the world’s largest management and technology consulting firms as an HR advisor, before moving on to a brief … Read More »

Startups for Syria: How Croydon’s startups can make a global difference

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Jonny Rose announces a homegrown tech initiative created to help humanitarian responses to the Syrian refugee crisis

Startups exist to mark their mark on the world

Some people create a startup for a nice bit of passive income or a ‘lifestyle business’, but by and large, when I talk to the founders of Croydon Tech City’s burgeoning cluster, I hear the same response time and … Read More »

#Croydon #TechCity Season Finale – Thursday 23rd July at 7:30pm @MatthewsYard

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Co-founder Jonny Rose unveils the lineup for the final event in the 2014/15 year of #Croydon #TechCity

As Croydon Tech City comes to the end of another exciting year and prepares for a couple of months of well-deserved rest for both the team and the community, on Thursday 23th July at 7:30pm Matthews Yard will play host to the final CTC of the current season.

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Croydon Tech City townhall: putting Croydon on the map in London Technology Week

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#Croydon #TechCity co-founder Jonny Rose reports on the movement’s sophomore summit

Almost a year after the success of our first Croydon Tech City summit, Croydon found itself once again hosting a summit of venture capitalists, tech companies, and property developers.

This time it was was bigger and better than before: over two hundred delegates attended the Croydon Tech City ‘townhall’ – a major … Read More »

The bluffers’ guide to venture capitalism

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As Croydon Tech City jump-starts more and more start-ups in the borough, Robert Ward has some advice for Croydonians keen for a piece of the action

Sometimes, you get lucky. But it doesn’t always seem that way at the time.

So it was when my boss told me he had a great idea. “Of course, oh great one”, said I. Less attractive … Read More »

Croydon Tech City #LDNTechWeek Special – 7:30pm Thursday 18th June @MatthewsYard

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It’s London Technology Week, and this Thursday Croydon Tech City will be profiling some of the borough’s brightest tech talents

After Tuesday afternoon’s Croydon Tech City town hall event, which will bring together a host of London entrepreneurs, investors and developers to learn more about Croydon Tech City’s strategy for the borough, it’s back to business again with our monthly Thursday meeting at Matthews Yard.

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How Croydon Tech City unexpectedly made me a ‘woman in tech’

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Joyce Veheary reports on her surprise introduction to ‘women in tech’

I sat #FRow at the special #Croydon #TechCity event celebrating women in tech, an inspirational and insightful night hosted by co-founder of CTC (representing a mighty female 1/3 of the enterprise) Sarah Luxford.

Sarah, with co-founders Nigel Dias and Jonny Rose, is championing female led tech start-ups with events like this and the … Read More »

From US to Croydon: The highs and lows of women in tech

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Ahead of Thursday’s ‘women in tech’ event, #Croydon #TechCity leader Jonny Rose assesses the gender balance in his favourite industry

I recently stumbled across some interesting research by the Silicon Valley Bank which found that more women are put in positions of leadership at technology companies in the UK than in the US.

As part of their annual Innovation Economy Outlook survey, … Read More »

EVENT: Women in Tech: A celebration of diverse thinking – Thursday 21st May 7:30pm @MatthewsYard

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Jonny Rose reveals the women in tech who’ll be headlining this week’s #Croydon #TechCity event

A celebration of diverse thinking – Women in Tech

With the speed of the technology revolution, businesses will need the collective intelligence that a diverse workforce brings. Join us for our inaugural women in tech celebration where we will be hearing top tips for success and learning from our speakers and panellists.

Learn … Read More »