Event review: Firewalking in Wandle Park

Posted on December 5th, by Andrew Dickinson in Culture. No Comments

Andrew Dickinson ecounts a night of thrills, spills and explosions

It was the evening of 4th November when around 3,000 of us Croydonians – and no doubt many from outside town – got ourselves along to Wandle Park to see the fireworks and stunt show. Fireworks are a universally popular form of mass entertainment and their colour, noise and spectacle have to be experienced in the flesh … Read More »

Restaurant review: The Breakfast Club at Boxpark Croydon

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Breakfast at Breakfast Club, over easy

It’s extremely rare to find a British restaurant that does a good American-style breakfast. Far too often, errant members of the ‘full English’ creep in to mar the transatlantic experience: the grilled tomato, the fried mushroom, or heaven forbid, the black pudding have no place whatsoever in an authentic American diner, or on the plate of any breakfast claiming to be … Read More »

Culinary discovery in the early days of Boxpark

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Ian Marvin went hunting in Croydon’s newest smorgasbord and came away satisfied

I approached the slow emergence of Boxpark with some scepticism, especially with regard to the ever-shifting opening date. The last minute appearance of a lonely JCB on the site around the end of February this year didn’t help either. However, since it opened (as I write, three weeks ago) I must have been there more … Read More »

Event review: Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610 at Croydon Minster

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Strike up sagbutts and unfamiliar long-necked stringed instruments

It had been a terrible week: internationally, the US election delivered the sort of appalling where even black humour jars, because you just can’t joke about this stuff. Joking is for when you’ve regrouped, shared your pain with others and started to work out a response. In Croydon, there had also been the horror of the Sandilands tram disaster.

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Event report: Croydon’s ghostly cycle ride, Sunday 20th November

Posted on November 23rd, by Amy Foster in Culture. 2 comments

Croydon is the most haunted borough in London. So we got on our bikes and went on a ghost-hunt

Croydon is, apparently, stiff with ghosts. And with this spurious piece of data, we were off. Where exactly in Croydon do these phantoms live? Who are these poor lost souls, doomed to wander our streets in eternal sorrow? How could we share these fantastical stories with our fellow townspeople … Read More »

Theatre review: ‘Scarborough’, Stanley Halls

Posted on November 21st, by Charles B. Wordsmith in Culture. 2 comments

It’s not fair: Scarborough fails to excite

I suspect that the tourist board in Scarborough may have mixed feelings about being the name of a new-ish play by Fiona Evans. Of course, there’s that famous saying that ‘all publicity is good publicity’ – but having a Scarborough B&B depicted as a location where PE teachers take their pupils for a dirty weekend is perhaps not how they’d … Read More »

Event review: Townies at Theatre Utopia, Saturday 12th November

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A Saturday evening on the silly side

As readers of the Croydon Citizen, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how good Matthews Yard is for a drink. But it was my first time in Theatre Utopia, and it was a really great setting for an evening of comedy.

Townies is fronted by James Bone and to sum it up in a few words, it … Read More »

Event review: Croydon International Film Festival 2016

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IFF 2016′s director looks back on the highlights of this year’s festival

An intimate portrait of a single, black father, Christmas as a homeless person, a controversial animation about sexuality in childhood, and a submarine stuck on a mountain top: these were just a few of the unforgettable moments which engrossed the audience at the fourth Croydon International Film Festival.

The Croydon International Film Festival (CroydonIFF) has … Read More »

We were the first band to vomit in the bar

Posted on November 16th, by Andrew Dickinson in Culture. 1 Comment

Like it or loathe it, the punk movement of the 1970s is a major part of Croydon’s cultural heritage

I don’t like punk rock, never have done and never will. It’s one of the few musical genres that I’ve lived through and was of an age to be involved in but I didn’t get it.

‘Musicians’ with pantomime names like Sid Vicious and Jonny Rotten and … Read More »

No Boxpark for old men

Posted on November 11th, by Paul Dennis in Culture. 5 comments

Feeling his age, Paul Dennis attends the Boxpark launch party

Described as ‘the hottest ticket in town’ the Boxpark launch party turned out to be the hottest ticket out of town too, with Eskimo Dance and special guests drawing a large and enthusiastic crowd from far and wide.

Croydon ‘Grimelord’ Jonny Rose is a huge authority on the music that was on offer, and he has … Read More »