Event review: Radfest at the Oval Tavern, Saturday 16th July

Posted on July 26th, by Rob Preston in Culture. 1 Comment

Heat, all day drinking, funky sets and sublime guitar… Rob Preston on a day and night in the Oval garden

Radfest returned for its second year on Saturday July 16th and saw a dozen or so bands play all day and into the night at the Oval, close to East Croydon station, to raise money for Macmillan Cancer via a £10 entry, raffle money, t-shirt sales and … Read More »

Croydon minster revives the ancient tradition of blessing the beer

Posted on July 25th, by Lee Taylor in Culture. No Comments

God is the giver of all good things… and that includes beer, says Croydon minster’s Associate Vicar, Lee Taylor

On Thursday 4th August at 7:00pm I will be reviving an ancient tradition in the heart of Croydon Old Town. I will be blessing the beer at our local pub in the parish of Croydon minster.

It is quite a quirky and fun thing to be doing. But it’s … Read More »

Event review: ‘Party’, by the Breakfast Cat Theatre Company, performed at the Oval Tavern

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Paul M. Ford has a proper laugh in a potting shed in a pub

Deep in suburbia, a new political force is fomenting. Ready to sweep away the established power blocs with its bold new approach and deeply held beliefs and convictions. Once they can work out what they actually are.

Tom Basden’s 2009 play, ‘Party,’ was produced and acted by the Breakfast Cat Theatre Company … Read More »

Some poets went walking round the borough. Here’s a report: it’s pretty thorough

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They came, they saw… they didn’t quite scan. Mary Champion presents an event review like no other, as Croydon Poets Potager takes a rhyming tour of the town centre

Croydon Poets Potager is a group of local poets and poetry enthusiasts who take our inspiration from our town, its challenges, problems and beauties. As cranes fill the sky and Croydon town centre undergoes rapid change, we felt … Read More »

Event review: the Pregnancy and Birth Exhibition, Croydon University Hospital

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Bumps and babies, but where was the exhibition? Liz Sheppard-Jones reviews part of Thornton Heath Arts Week 2016

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy, observed German military strategist Helmuth von Moltke. He could just as easily have said ‘birth plan’: your midwife encourages you to write one, along with your birthing partner, and the two of you do so one evening over a cup of tea … Read More »

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and the Croydon music scene

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Even as he found national fame, Croydon’s celebrated composer didn’t forget his roots, as Sean Creighton finds out

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912), Croydon’s famous African-British composer, was taught music as a child and young teenager by his grandfather Benjamin Holmans, his headmaster at the Croydon British Boys’ School, Herbert Walters, by the choir master at St George’s Presbyterian church, and by Joseph Beckwith, a local violin teacher.

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Event review: Croydon Bach Choir’s Transatlantic Journey, Saturday 25th June

Posted on July 6th, by Rufus Jones in Culture. 1 Comment

Rufus Jones, aged thirteen, is impressed by the performance of a boy soprano in a varied and lively summer concert

As I walked into St Matthew’s church, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d been to past concerts by Croydon Bach Choir due to my mother being a member, but this was a change of pace for me. The performances that I had been to before were … Read More »

Virtual Reality Croydon

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Croydon hasn’t got many claims to video game fame, but there may be more than you expect. Max Shirley boots up

Video games: the ever growing artistic medium in which the player has the ability to interact and experience a world created for them. Croydon: the urban town we all live and work in. Video games and Croydon – two things that take up the majority of my … Read More »

Five of the best… places in Croydon to bag a bargain

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More dash than cash? Croydon’s the place to go shopping, says Bernadette Fallon

In Surrey Street market

It’s the oldest open air fruit and veg market in the UK and a great place to do your entire weekly fruit and vegetable shop for under a tenner. Stalls are bursting with bowls of produce for a pound – stagger home under the weight of it, because there’s … Read More »

Surrey Street Treats: griddled courgettes

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Summer’s a bit hit and miss so far. Staying optimistic, Jess Bashford welcomes the chance for light outdoorsy eating

We’ve seen a few glimpses of summer, so fingers crossed for more. Let’s make the most of Surrey Street market’s fresh veg for salads and barbecues with a recipe to spruce up courgettes into the star of a salad, a veggie barbecue main or a new … Read More »