Event review: Juliette Clovis’s Invasion Metamorphosis at RISE Gallery

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Bernadette Fallon walks the boundaries of female identity

Arresting. Sharp. Poised.

Intricate. Delicate. Magical.

Juliette Clovis is a thirty-eight-year-old French artist whose work focuses on female identity and the representation of women in contemporary life, with influences drawn from myth, history and culture. Her pictures are currently creating an eye-catching visual feast in one of the large gallery rooms at RISE gallery on St George’s … Read More »

Croydonites Festival review: ‘The Letter: To Be Or… MBE?’

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Did he, or didn’t he? Tom Black enjoys finding out at the Stanley Halls

For an autobiographical one man show, The Letter: To Be Or… MBE? contains a surprising number of characters. Jonzi D, ‘hip-hop theatre pioneer’, was offered an MBE in 2011. Across an intimate, innovative hour, Jonzi presents his audience with the reactions of his friends, his peers, and his neighbours in Bow, East London. And … Read More »

Croydonites Festival review: Figs In Wigs, ‘Show Off’, Saturday 14th November at Matthew’s Yard

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Paul Dennis visits Matthew’s Yard to see those sultry ‘Show Offs’, Figs in Wigs

There was something nagging me all evening, during the Croydonites Festival appearance of Figs in Wigs doing their ‘Show Off’ show at Matthew’s Yard. It wasn’t the Wigs themselves – well, it was, but not in the way that you might think. Partly it was due to their being a quintet. And having … Read More »

Genius loci

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Andrew Dickinson looks back at Croydon’s summer of saffron

A good number of Croydon residents have been fortunate enough to be involved with the incredible, horticultural, community heritage project that is Saffron Central, which has been attracting a lot of interest and enthusiasm.

I visited the site on 8th November to help harvest what may be the last of any great quantity of saffron as temperature and … Read More »

The Fairfield that I remember

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Private Eye cartoonist, artist and writer Barry Fantoni knew the Fairfield Halls in their earliest days. A place for the music is what matters, he says

When I taught painting at Croydon Art School back in the mid sixties I would often find myself finishing at six, and if I wasn’t teaching an evening class I’d pop next door to the Fairfield Halls and see if there was a concert that … Read More »

From Agincourt to Croydon?

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We few, we happy few, we band of… Croydonians? Sean Creighton dares to dream

In September 2015, Croydon councillor and GLA representative Steve O’Connell invited a French journalist to have a meal with him and drink a toast to the English victory at the battle of Agincourt. He was responding to the journalist’s ‘disparaging remarks’ about Croydon during September’s rugby world cup, when the team was based … Read More »

Event review: From Shame To Strength, Friday 30th October

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Not victims, but victorious. Katie Rose listens to a group of women who seek to empower others

On Halloween weekend and the penultimate evening of Black History Month, celebrating Women in Leadership, it felt absolutely fitting to attend an event exploring the deep and often hidden issues faced by women. Having recently shared a profound discussion about empowering young people’s voices with Magdalene Adenaike on … Read More »

Surrey Street Treats: simply persimmon cocktails

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Karen Cartwright of Project B in Middle Street brings us cocktails of the unexpected

Right now there’s an abundance of these delicious and slightly quirky fruits available in Surrey Street for an incredible five for £1! Persimmon-based cocktails also make use of the citrus fruits found there all year round.

Persimmon Margarita

Ingredients from the market 

2 persimmons

50ml fresh lime juice

To garnish: a lime wheel

Ingredients from the kitchen 

25ml vanilla syrup

Ingredients from the … Read More »

Croydon beekeepers create a buzz at National Honey Show

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Croydon Beekeepers’ Association celebrates after a series of outstanding wins at the 84th National Honey Show

The annual National Honey Show, held in Weybridge, Surrey, attracts visitors and entrants from across the UK and beyond. At this year’s event, the 84th, Croydon Beekeepers’ Association members Bob Barnes, Meriel Spalding, John Collett, Barbara Barnes and Tracey Carter did Croydon proud with an impressive four first prizes plus … Read More »

CroydoNites Festival event review: STAN is “more ‘Keith and Orville’ than ‘Derek and Clive’”

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Jonny Rose admires STAN’s cojones, but ultimately is not amused

I’m a big fan of taboos being broken and shibboleths being challenged (although, despite humanity’s best efforts, I’ve yet to find anything as unfailingly offensive to people than the biblical truth that they are not good and deserve hell).

To me, short of the actual sacred nothing is sacred, so I was very excited … Read More »