Theatre review: The Wonderful World of Disoccia, by the Royal Russell Players

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Rossella Scalia on an evening which took her on a journey of the mind

“Your watch is not an hour slow, Lisa. You are.” – Anthony Neilson.

Lisa has lost her way in the world of Dissocia; a place built by her mind in which she finds herself moving freely. The performance begins in a semi-empty white room with a shut door on the background and a solitary … Read More »

Sponsored: Dalila’s Kaftans

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From IT Recruiter to Beauty Pageant Queen

Claire Hynes Miss London Curve 2015

Sponsored by Croydon-based fashion company Dalila’s Kaftans, Claire Hynes, 27, full time IT recruiter is set to represent London plus-size ladies as part of Miss British Beauty Curve 2015, a national beauty pageant for ladies with curvy figures.

According to pageant organiser Leah Prescod, the Miss British Beauty Curve pageant is … Read More »

Croydon carers’ choir: singing with those who care

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Music can reach where words cannot, says Katie Rose, leader of Croydon carers’ choir

Since October 2014, I’ve had the honour of leading free singing sessions for carers. They take place every other Wednesday at the Carers Information Centre. The group is open to any carer in Croydon, regardless of singing ability, and was set up by Catherine Pestano of CRISP (Croydon Intercultural Singing Project). … Read More »

Review: BRGR & BEER at Matthew’s Yard

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Lauren Furey saw the burger that they had made and she saw that it was good

Have you ever had food so good that it makes you speak in obscenities? I can’t reprint the words that spilled from my very full mouth but believe me when I say they would make a vicar blush.

That’s the dining experience you can expect when you … Read More »

The road from Woking

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Croydon incomer Charles B. Wordsmith on a urban journey and the discoveries he’s made on the way

When I tell people that I’ve recently moved from Woking to Croydon, the usual reaction is “Why?!”. Why would someone to choose to leave a tranquil town in well-heeled Surrey for the stressful, noisy, urban jungle that is Croydon? Yet although I have lived here for barely a month at … Read More »

Croydon Heritage Festival 2015 – it’s time to follow in famous footsteps

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This year’s Heritage Festival focuses on famous people with local connections. So – just who was in Croydon and when?

Each September, thousands of people take part in Open House London – a chance to get inside buildings that aren’t normally open to the public and learn more about the rich history that we go to work and drink our coffee in. Some buildings are famous and … Read More »

20 reasons why Croydon isn’t boring

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Bernadette Fallon isn’t bored with Croydon – not a bit of it. Here’s why

There’s been a bit of dissent recently. Disgruntled rumblings around the esteemed – albeit virtual – corridors of the Croydon Citizen. Croydon is boring, they say. Dull. With boring people.

Well. I beg to differ. And I’d like to shout it loud and shout it proud – 20 reasons why Croydon isn’t boring!

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Event review: Art as young experience – the BBC Ten Pieces project at the Fairfield Halls

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Rossella Scalia on the responses of Croydon’s children to a wonderful music experiment

“An experience is a product […] of continuous and cumulative interaction of an organic self with the world.” – John Dewey

Ten Pieces, launched on CBBC (the BBC’s hugely popular children’s channel) in the autumn of 2014, aims to inspire a generation of children to engage with classical music. Sponsored by the Arts Council England … Read More »

Event review: Geoff Berner at the Oval Tavern, 21st March

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Always truth-telling, often subversive – John Lawlor listens adventurously at a gig in the Oval Tavern

Musically, Geoff Berner‘s is sometimes a dark, brooding, haunted sound; at other times it sings the cheeriness of cheesecake and dancing. Put them together and I’d say you get a kind of jolly melancholy, and a challenging listening experience at times. It was a Saturday night at the Oval: some people … Read More »

Forward, guerrilla gardeners of Croydon!

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Down in the urban jungle of Croydon’s parks and gardens, something is stirring

An influx of new, local blood has flowed into the volunteer ‘Friends’ groups who support and maintain Croydon’s parks and community gardens over the last twelve months – and it’s turned them guerrilla.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a guerrilla force as ‘a small independent group taking part in irregular fighting, typically against large, regular forces’. That’s … Read More »