Croydon’s musical marathon to save the minster organ

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Thirty straight hours. 500 hymns. Croydon Minster’s fundraising ‘hymnathon’ isn’t for wimps. Liz Sheppard-Jones explains why she’s taking part

From 2008 until 2015, I worked at Croydon Visitor Centre. All day every day, people asked us questions and Croydon became my Mastermind specialist subject.

Doing the job, I was struck again and again by how much we Croydonians don’t seem to know about our … Read More »

As we say au revoir to Fairfield Halls, theatre and dance will live on in Croydon

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You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone, says Theatre Utopia’s founder, Jamal Chong

Hello. You probably don’t know me and I probably don’t know you, so let me introduce myself. My name is Jamal Chong and I, along with a couple lifelong friends, run Theatre Utopia, or as you may know it, “that black room inside Matthews Yard”.

You may have heard … Read More »

Five of the best… places in Croydon to meet your soulmate

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Wondering if Mr or Miss Right is really out there… somewhere… in Croydon? Bernadette Fallon points us in the right direction

Looking for more than a casual fling? Ready for Love with a capital ‘L’?  The good news is that Cupid doesn’t have to commute: you can meet your soulmate right here in Croydon… and here’s how.

During a philosophical fix

A place … Read More »

Friends of Marlpit Lane bowling green reopen site, but help still needed

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Charles King celebrates the return of a Coulsdon favourite, but your help is still wanted

Four years ago, the previous Conservative administration at Croydon Council announced (without any consultation) that they intended to close the public bowling green at Marlpit Lane Memorial Park in Coulsdon and would no longer be maintaining it. Over time, they intended to remove the turf and replace it with … Read More »

Event review: an evening with former organists of Croydon Minster

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The minster’s the daddy, says Sue Harling, and its former organists provided a wonderful evening’s entertainment

As a choral singer of thirty years’ standing, I like to think I know quality and consistency when I hear it, and the minster choral foundation has never failed to impress. I wasn’t sure what to expect, though, when a friend invited me to an ‘evening with former organists of Croydon … Read More »

Why Croydon is the new Marseille

Posted on June 13th, by Ian Lavis in Culture. 2 comments

Does Croydon really have anything in common with the south of France? Ian Lavis thinks it definitely does

As I sit on a bus crawling along London Road on a rainy day it’s hard to imagine Croydon having anything in common with the south of France, or more precisely the stunning port city of Marseille, where the locals do back-flips off the rocks into the Mediterranean and … Read More »

How jazz diva Gill Manly brings South London Jazz and Blues Club to Matthews Yard

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Katie Rose talks music, inspiration and Croydon with radio presenter, politician and jazz musician, Gill Manly

She’s a Croydon Radio presenter, the founder of the Croydon Women’s Equality Party and the darling of Ronnie Scott’s who has founded the South London Jazz and Blues Club ”to show that jazz is not this weird, eclectic, squeaky thing – that it’s actually the music of the people”. Yes, … Read More »

Restaurant review: Chef’s restaurant at Croydon College

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Chef’s is where Croydon’s culinary students hone their skills. Andy Ellis enjoys the results

Croydon College, College Road (but use Park Lane entrance), Croydon CR9 1DX

Time from East Croydon:  5 minutes

We happened to be passing Croydon College on our way to lunch in Croydon’s Old Town when we were approached by a young lady smartly clad in black with a … Read More »

How I became a Croydon dancer and how you can be one too

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It’s never too late for Croydon to learn to dance, says Bernadette Fallon

At the age of, er, well let’s just say that I’ll never see forty again, I find myself joining a dance group and becoming a dancer. Just for a few weeks: it’s a love affair, not a commitment. And you can do it too. To find out how… read on.

I’ve signed up … Read More »

Event report: the Croydon interfaith gathering, Sunday 22nd May at the Ahmadiyya mosque, St James Road

Posted on June 1st, by Rosie Edser in Culture. 3 comments

Rosie Edser admires the tolerance of Muslims and Christians alike as an audience member goes rogue

What does integration look like? Not being a sporting enthusiast, in my head it’s basically carrying your Oyster card (essential), library card (desirable) and Nectar card (optional). Plus not picking flowers, being homophobic or dropping litter. You don’t have to reference the queen reverently every five minutes (or re-name … Read More »