South Norwood Arts Festival comes in from the cold

Posted on October 2nd, by Heather Hardie in Culture. 1 Comment

Heather Hardie welcomes the return of South Norwood’s arts festival, now in its eighth year

Ever heard animals sing? Read your own poetry to an audience? Eaten delicious food from twenty countries? Joined in with a choir? Wandered into the bowels of a listed building? Smelt flowers in a secret garden? Had a Halloween surprise?

You can do all this and more at South … Read More »

Should Croydon be more chic?

Posted on September 30th, by Charles Barber in Culture. 2 comments

Recent disparaging comments reported to have been made by the French World Cup rugby team caused resentment among locals. Charles Barber listens more sympathetically

I must confess to a slight twinge of sympathy for those poor, big, burly French rugby players, so far away from their mothers and their mother country, having to put up with the appalling lack of ‘chic’ within this alien metropolis … Read More »

The Addiscombe Fan Dance

Posted on September 29th, by Andy Ellis in Culture. 2 comments

Andy Ellis explains the strange whooshing noises coming from Addiscombe

If you are crossing Ashburton Park on a Saturday afternoon you might hear a curious rasping noise.

Following the sound to its source in the shadow of the old library building, you realise that it comes from bright red silk fans opening and closing in unison as they are wielded by half a dozen or … Read More »

Surrey Street treats: cocktails, fresh from the market!

Posted on September 25th, by Karen Cartwright in Culture. No Comments

Now there are even more treats from Surrey Street market, says Karen Cartwright

The Surrey Street Treats recipe series brings Citizen readers fresh, foodie suggestions using ingredients from Croydon’s famous market, a medieval treasure that’s served our community since it gained its Royal Charter in 1276.

It turns out that the market’s fresh and delicious ingredients also make for fabulous cocktails. Karen Cartwright from … Read More »

Event review: Airballoon Garden Party Festival, 29th-30th August 2015

Posted on September 22nd, by Katie Rose in Culture. 1 Comment

Katie Rose spends the day with Airballoon traffic control

On a cloudy Croydon Sunday afternoon I set out towards the outer realms of Coulsdon in search of music and adventure at the Airballoon Garden Party. A bus, a train and a wander later, I find myself on top of Rickman Hill in a huge field edged with trees, ready for lift off.

The programme is already … Read More »

How to get ripped in Croydon (without getting ripped off)

Posted on September 18th, by Marcia Henry-Morgan in Culture. 4 comments

Can you get the body beautiful on a budget? asks Marcia Henry-Morgan

I’ve lived in Croydon over a year now and have thought to myself on more than one occasion that I should really keep fit and work out, as a work-life balance sort of thing. I’m going to be honest, though: I’m not a gym enthusiast.

I find them a … Read More »

Lights, camera, traction: Croydon’s blossoming relationship with Hollywood

Posted on September 18th, by Jonny Rose in Culture. 3 comments

Jonny Rose examines Croydon’s growing presence on the silver screen

Nowadays, if you were to ask someone when was the last time they saw Croydon onscreen in a non-news related context they will almost certainly look to the small screen.

If they’re of a certain age they’ll most likely cite the gentle ’80s sitcom Terry and June. Otherwise, the obvious alternative to … Read More »

Restaurant review: a tale of two Purley burgers

Posted on September 16th, by Paddy Blewer in Culture. 4 comments

Now Purley’s burghers have a choice of burgers, says Paddy Blewer

In the thirteen years I’ve lived in Croydon, I’ve always been surprised that despite the significant wealth within walking distance of Purley town centre, eating and drinking options there were limited.

This began to change a few years ago. Now there are good options for steak at Buenos Aires, an excellent Turkish/Eastern Mediterranean … Read More »

Tate Croydon: On the importance of Croydon’s new art galleries

Posted on September 15th, by Jonny Rose in Culture. No Comments

Jonny Rose wants the Croydon art scene to coalesce into the arts capital of south London

In a recent piece on Croydon’s new ‘Arts quarter’ in St George’s Walk, I noted how the borough had gone from “0 to three art galleries in just twelve months”.

This kind of dynamism is typical of a borough that is seeing unprecedented activity from locals … Read More »

Surrey Street treats: sweet potato chips

Posted on September 11th, by Jess Bashford in Culture. 2 comments

Jess’s latest treat from Surrey Street’s famous market will keep you warm now that summer’s turned to autumn

Sweet potato chips might help us hold onto the last glow of summer… or (as seems more likely) they can warm us up as the days grow cool.

Sweet potato chips: ingredients:

From the market:

six sweet potatoes (that should be enough … Read More »