Surrey Street treats: cucumber and mint martini

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Surrey Street market’s fresh cucumber and mint make for a deliciously different martini, says Karen Cartwright

Humble cucumber is the quintessentially English ingredient. Available all year round for next to nothing in Surrey Street, Croydon’s historic open air fruit and vegetable market, it makes a delightfully refreshing cocktail when combined with mint.

The cocktail: Cucumber and mint martini

Ingredients from the market:

2 inches of fresh cucumber

7 fresh mint … Read More »

Croydon’s Ahmadiyya Muslims celebrate Eid

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Adeel Shah reports on a well-attended celebration, and provides an insight into Croydon’s Ahmadiyya community

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Chapter of Croydon in New Addington and Shirley hosted an Eid festival get-together dinner party at the Civic Centre in New Addington.

Over 100 guests attended this programme as well as the Deputy Mayor, councillor Toni Letts. Local MP Gavin Barwell was also in attendance, as well as … Read More »

Announcing Croydon’s Best Independent Café Awards 2016

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Croydon’s favourite competition is back, and it’s better than ever. Bernadette Fallon encourages everyone to get involved

They’re back! And this year the Croydon Best Independent Café Awards are even bigger. Why? Because this year, YOU decide the shortlist for the best independent cafés in the borough and you vote to decide the winner – the ultimate accolade, Croydon’s Best Independent Café for 2016, the People’s Choice.

Here’s … Read More »

Event review: Hoodoo’s music venue celebrates its first birthday, Saturday 27th August

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Katie Rose looks back at a year of creative contribution

A hoodoo (also known as a fairy chimney or earth pyramid) is a totem-shaped pillar of rock that forms in desert basins as a result of weather and rock erosion.Famous examples are found in Bryce Canyon in the US and Cappadocia, Turkey. Human imitations, known as cairns, are piles of rocks used over the centuries to mark important … Read More »

Telling the many tales of Croydon minster

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David Morgan, author of Minster Tales, explains how the human stories of Croydon’s historic minster church were what touched him most deeply

After retiring from my role as headteacher of the Minster Junior School in Waddon (formerly Parish Church School), I was asked by the minster’s former vicar, Colin Boswell, to lead tours of the building. I jumped at the opportunity.

Croydon Minster is one of the iconic … Read More »

How Hollywood brought Istanbul to Croydon town centre

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Wondering what the flashes and bangs coming from St George’s Walk last week were all about? Keithanthony Taylor has the answer

They put up signs to reassure us. “Do not be alarmed”, the notice read. “You may see actors using replica firearms and hear gunfire. Filming and rehearsals will be taking place today. This is all being controlled by a qualified armourer”.

So Croydon goes to … Read More »

The Edwardian library legacy of an Anglo-Pole

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At the turn of the last century, a Croydon man, now forgotten, made waves in the socially transformative field of libraries

“He saw libraries as a nerve center for the development of communities. His ideas may be a century old, but some things remain the same, even as we move ahead.”

Unrecognised here in Croydon, this is the assessment of its energetic innovator Chief Librarian Stanley … Read More »

How we helped Croydon’s children to celebrate bees

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Jenny Lockyer spends a week helping Croydon’s children to have a bee bonanza

The Oval Tavern garden nestles snugly between the playing field of Ark Oval school and the houses on Oval Road. Walk near to the pub on a warm summer’s evening and you are likely to hear the strumming of an acoustic guitar or the relaxed murmur of conversations, clinking glasses and general pub life … Read More »

Restaurant review: Zabardast wraps, East Croydon

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Rufus Jones enjoys a filling and flavoursome lunch

1 Dingwall Road, CR0 2NA

Time from East Croydon:  1 minute

Zabardast is a local wrap shop just a minute’s walk away from East Croydon station. It has friendly staff who greeted us as we walked in the door. The menus were detailed and easy to read: you choose your meal in three sections which … Read More »

Event review: live jazz from Infusion, weekly at Smoothbean! coffee shop

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Katie Rose tells how Fusion Fridays make Croydon smile

It was back in late June that a fluid collective of jazz musicians and a coffee shop began blending culinary and musical flavours to come up with something fresh for Croydon.

Smoothbean! recently celebrated its second birthday at 2-3 Dingwall Road, just round the corner from East Croydon station. Founders John and Pauline Hennessy were originally intending to … Read More »