Boxpark’s a quickie when Croydon needs something more meaningful

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Sold as a 21st century leisure destination, the crates in Dingwall Road are a twenty minute wolfed-down pitstop

The Croydon Citizen recently published my not-entirely-complimentary review of Meat Liquor in Boxpark. As the review states, I was conscious that I was being harsher on the place than I would have been had it been a stand-alone venture somewhere else in Croydon. Away from Boxpark, I’d probably have scored … Read More »

Event review: commemorative concert at Croydon Minster on the 150th anniversary of its devastation by fire

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A remarkable concert for everyone

Whoever decided to go large with the 150th anniversary of the fire of Croydon Minster: good shout.

It wasn’t called Croydon Minster back then, but Croydon church. A building has stood on the site since the tenth century and its medieval structure had been altered during the Reformation and again during the reign of Queen Victoria. It was the burial place … Read More »

Shortlist announced for Croydon’s Best Independent Café – vote now

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Voting has opened for the Croydon’s Best Independent Café Awards 2016

The nominations for Croydon’s Best Independent Café award are in! We asked you to tell us about your favourite local independent café – good coffee, tasty cake, good ambiance – and we’ve compiled a shortlist from your nominations. Now we want you to vote for the winner.

Some old favourites from last year’s … Read More »

Restaurant review: Meat Liquor, Boxpark

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Boxpark, Croydon, CR0 1LD

Time from East Croydon:  1 minute

I’ve been eating at MeatLiquor since I demolished its celebrated ‘three dead hippies’ dish in a pub off Peckham Rye. I’ve been a fan of their burgers for years. I often get a dead hippie with chilli fries as a takeaway at work for our Friday blowout team lunch, and I’ve had a few great nights … Read More »

Short story: Fire! Fire! The night that Croydon Minster burned down

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Put your feet up, forget about the news, and take a trip to the past

How this story came to be written

It’s now 150 years since the terrible night when fire swept through the ancient Saxon church at Reeves Corner following a gas heater malfunction. The minster has held a series of events to mark the anniversary, which have included a concert on … Read More »

I’m on the side of change

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Lauren Furey sees much to be optimistic about this year, but says that we need to keep local voices from being drowned out

If 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that an entire year can become a farce. You’ve no doubt seen the countless memes reminding us what a roller-coaster the last twelve months have been:

Me: 2016 is gonna be my year!
Narrator: 2016 … Read More »

Surrey Street treats: healthy January salad

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Worried that a salad won’t warm you up in winter? Here’s a healthy suggestion from Surrey Street market

I know that salads normally make you think of fresh greens and summer, but there are ways to eat fresh and raw and still keep warm in winter. If you’re looking to get healthier after a surfeit of rich Christmas food but still want to fill up on cold … Read More »

A new year for Croydon, a new year for you

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How Croydonians can turn over a new leaf… realistically

The Chinese New Year for 2017 does not officially start until towards the end of January. The financial new year begins in April. Even the sales aren’t exclusive to January anymore. Yet we can still feel tremendous pressure to start everything afresh on 1st January.

Is it because January is associated with Roman mythology and Janus the … Read More »

Health and beauty review: the spa at Selsdon Park Hotel

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Pamper me, Croydon, says Marcia Henry-Morgan

Where has this year gone? No, seriously: where did 2016 evaporate to? The fact that it’s already December and the cold wintry days are well and truly here has me longing for an escape route. But this close to the Christmas season, it seems impossible: when the pounds in your back pocket have been allocated to Santa’s nice (and in some … Read More »

Event review: ‘Mr Mineshaft’ at Theatre Utopia, Thursday 15th – Saturday 18th December 2016

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A strong solo performance holds together a disjointed picture of an extraordinary life

I’m familiar with Theatre Utopia’s space, having seen shows there before and indeed having chaired the Citizen‘s 2015 election debate on its stage (back when it was simply ‘the Matthews Yard studio’). It’s come a long way this year. Small changes to furnishings, better curtains, improved lighting… it all adds up to a classy fringe … Read More »