A workshop with Hale Man,Whitgift’s artist-in-residence

Posted on August 20th, by Alison Symonds-Taylor in Culture. 1 Comment

Hale Man works with elderly residents at Whitgift House to travel back in time through art

I work as the Activities Organiser at Whitgift House, part of The Whitgift Foundation, in South Croydon. I had read about the work of Hale Man, who has been appointed artist-in-residence at the Whitgift Centre for a year, and was pleased when we booked an interactive session with some … Read More »

Report on the 2014 World Puzzle Championships in Croydon

Posted on August 19th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. No Comments

Last week Croydon welcomed the world’s greatest mindbogglers, brainteasers and lovers of the cryptic and abstruse. The reasons aren’t puzzling

All last week the Selsdon Park Hotel, Croydon, was a hive of head-scratching activity. Forty nations were represented in the World Puzzle Championships, as 180 competitors ranging in age from 65 to just 7 years old fought it out across a range of puzzle disciplines.

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Restaurant review: Mae Ping Thai restaurant

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Joy Akwue-Butler steps out of her comfort zone to try Thai cuisine

16-18 South End, Croydon, CR0 1DN
Time from East Croydon: 12 minutes / 5 minutes by 119, 466 or 312

On Thursday 31st July I had arranged to meet up with my friends Pete and Fiona. We decided to come out of our comfort zones and try something different – which is why we … Read More »

Arts for craft’s sake, crafts for art’s sake

Posted on August 14th, by Andrew Dickinson in Culture. 5 comments

Andy Dickinson envisions what the monthly Arts and Crafts Fair could become, with or without a Westfield

I was concerned a few weeks ago when I heard on the radio that Boris Johnson had agreed to a £1 billion extension to Westfield in Shepherds Bush. I went online to find out more and found that it will be done at the same time as our … Read More »

Art, fun and public space in Croydon: the adventure continues at Putt Putt #2

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Tom Winter plays crazy golf like you’ve never seen it before

On a warm Friday evening in early July following a tiring day at work, I find myself coasting on my bicycle down to the opening of Turf Project’s Putt Putt #2 interactive art installation near East Croydon station. Having successfully gained funding earlier in the year through Arts Council England, Stanhope Schroder, Kickstarter and supportive … Read More »

It’s cool in the Cronx: review of the Cronx Brewery Open Day

Posted on August 12th, by Faye Edwardes in Culture. 2 comments

Faye Edwardes attends a brewery open day that’s all about success in Croydon

“My husband loves a nice blonde”, I said to the barmaid with a wink, “but he loves a porter too”. And so that’s what we had. It was the Cronx Brewery’s second Open Day on Saturday 2nd August and we went along to check it out.

The Cronx Brewery is the first … Read More »

Croydonian in the spotlight: Adam Pearson

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Adam Pearson – writer, actor, and Croydonian – discusses the success of the sci-fi horror film Under The Skin and his home town

Adam Pearson is certainly a recognisable face, though perhaps more for his regular TV work these days rather than the neurofibromyalgia which has given him prominent facial disfigurement. Taking time out from casting the new season of The Undateables, he reflected on the … Read More »

WordFest – a new celebration of the arts for Croydon youth

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Something’s stirring in the library. It’s time to spread the word about Croydon WordFest, says Rachael Phandey

Croydon Libraries, Apples and Snakes, the Croydon Youth Arts Team, Club Soda and young people aged 11-19 have worked together to develop a programme of free events across Croydon this summer. During the early part of summer 2014, WordFest offered a series of workshops in creative writing and performance (singing, … Read More »

‘Their soul is in their work’: images of a Croydon community and the businesses that sustain it

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An exhibition of photographs by Dorin Spoiala captures the working life of a neighbourhood in central Croydon

Dorin Spoiala (whose full name is Ion Dorinel) is originally from Romania, where he owned and ran a print shop. This awakened his interest in those living the same life of small business ownership – the people who make a local community economically stable and successful.

His … Read More »

The story of faces: profile of Croydon artist Nicky Nicholls

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Liz Sheppard-Jones considers the remarkable work and life of Nicky Nicholls

I’ve had the privilege of knowing the artist Nicky Nicholls for almost four years. I was introduced to her by my friend John Reeve, founder and proprietor of the ClickClock art and photography gallery in Katharine Street Croydon, and right at the start he told me a bit about her. Her story sounded both … Read More »