We live in a vibrant world

Posted on January 26th, by Rossella Scalia in Culture. 1 Comment

Rossella Scalia delves deep into the Croydon psyche, uncovering both the risks and the opportunities we face

I was inspired to write the following article after seeing readers’ suggestions for ‘I would make Croydon better by…’ in recent editions of the Croydon Citizen, and finding that the dreams of Croydon citizens are public fountains, bike hubs, a left luggage facility at East Croydon station, a … Read More »

Can CAN do it for the arts in Croydon?

Posted on January 21st, by Bernadette Fallon in Culture. 1 Comment

Bernadette Fallon talks to the arts networkers who set out to become the change they want to see in Croydon

Like so many things in Croydon, the Croydon Arts Network was created out of a negative. When cuts in the arts started, when the Ruskin Square theatre plan was shelved, when the council’s culture office just vanished – people started to ask: what can we do?

One of … Read More »

Event review: opening of the Hypnos exhibition by Lee Hadwin at RISE gallery, Thursday 15th January

Posted on January 19th, by Wes in Culture. No Comments

Realising that he produces art in his sleep, Lee Hadwin keeps paper and pens handy. Wes Baker finds out more

People do all sorts while sleeping: dream, have nightmares and even make dinner. Lee Hadwin puts pen, paint and various other media to paper. From the age of four it was realised Lee would sleepwalk, producing artwork on his bedroom walls. So, aware of his … Read More »

Restaurant review: Buenos Aires restaurant, Purley

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Anglo-Argentine Croydonian Anne Giles enjoys authentic cuisine on a day of national tradition

6-8 Tudor Court, Russell Hill Road, Purley CR8 2LA

Time from East Croydon: 15 minutes /  25 minutes 60 or 466 or from Purley station:  3 minutes


My husband Steve and I decided to celebrate ‘The Three Kings’ on 6th January. This is a day which … Read More »

Restaurant review: JRC Global Buffet, Valley Leisure Park, Purley Way

Posted on January 9th, by Serena Alam in Culture. 1 Comment

Serena Alam enjoys a culinary grand tour thanks to JRC Global Buffet

Unit 6C, Hesterman Way, Valley Leisure Park, Beddington Farm Road, Croydon CR0 4YA
Time from East Croydon:  16 minutes,  5 minutes

Last week I was able to enjoy a buffet lunch at JRC Global Buffet. This is a large buffet restaurant situated in Valley Leisure Park, Purley Way and is part of … Read More »

Artist Hale Man in the Whitgift Centre: where creativity and commerce meet

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Bernadette Fallon finds fire, earth, metal, wood and water in the Whitgift Centre

Would you expect to find an artist in a shopping centre? Probably not.

But that’s where I find Hale Man, tucked away in the Whitgift Centre, behind the metal grid door and several large plate glass windows of a hitherto empty retail unit, working on six-foot tall canvases depicting the five … Read More »

Surrey Street treats: Healthy new year

Posted on January 6th, by Jess Bashford in Culture. 1 Comment

Jess Bashford looks to Surrey Street market for a deliciously healthy new year resolution

The decadence of December has been and gone, and we’re all feeling the need for a health-kick to get over the festive season’s indulgences. So I’ve gone back to Surrey Street market to find some healthy inspiration. I’ve come up with a smoothie recipe packed full of … Read More »

Review: Bang bang – Johann Strauss Gala’s 40th anniversary performance at the Fairfield Halls

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Liz Sheppard-Jones joins fifty shades of grey fandom at the Fairfield Halls

This is senior entertainment, as I realised whilst I waited in the Fairfield Halls foyer for my boyfriend to join me for the show. (In the end, he missed the first half because of the horrible state of the post-Christmas M25.) We young ‘uns (I use the term laughingly) were considerably outnumbered in the auditorium … Read More »

Dear Santa: a Christmas poem, by Esoteric

Posted on December 24th, by Naomi Raffington in Culture. 1 Comment

This year, poet Naomi Raffington – aka Esoteric – has written her Christmas list in a seasonal poem for the Croydon Citizen

What does a poet do? The Oxford English Dictionary describes poetry as “literary work in which… feelings and ideas are given intensity… by distinctive style and rhythm” – and that’ll do for me.

I’m a Croydon girl – I went to St Mary’s High School in the town … Read More »

The season to be jolly? How to deal with family conflict at Christmas

Posted on December 23rd, by Tara Green in Culture. 1 Comment

Gather all your relatives. Overfeed them and give them plenty to drink. Get the children hyper. Croydon’s own parenting coach can help you deal with the consequences

In my Croydon Advertiser column and on my Parenting Geek coaching blogs, I help people face the challenges children and families bring – however much we love them. That’s never more true than at Christmas.

I love … Read More »