How a meeting on a tree stump near Croydon led to the abolition of slavery in Britain

Posted on September 12th, by Jonny Rose in History. 1 Comment

Jonny Rose reveals the connections between Croydon and one of the nation’s greatest philanthropists

Many thanks to Sean Creighton for highlighting Croydon’s shameful involvement in the transatlantic slave trade in these very (virtual) pages. Readers interested in Croydon’s dark history can find more on the topic at the Croydon Citizen here, here, and here.

Which neatly brings me to some of my favourite groups … Read More »

Will Croydon Council sell off more of its historic assets?

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Sean Creighton surveys a national picture of heritage that isn’t pretty. He hopes that Croydon bucks the trend

The pre-May 2014 Croydon administration sold part of the Riesco collection. The current administration has not adopted a policy that there will be no further sale of items while it is in office, nor has it set up an investigation to review the idea from several years ago to … Read More »

Review: National Trust ‘Edge City: Croydon’ tour

Posted on July 27th, by Bonnie Stephensmith in History. 1 Comment

What happens on tour stays on tour? Breaking all the rules, Bonnie Stephensmith reveals what happened on the National Trust’s Edge City: Croydon Tours

The popularity of the National Trust’s latest venture meant many people missed the opportunity to explore Croydon. My inner-London friends were dismayed the tours were on for just eight days – and sold out so quickly. So, I’m going to break the code – … Read More »

Croydon’s slave-trading history: the evidence grows

Posted on June 22nd, by Sean Creighton in History. 1 Comment

Croydon was once home to many involved in the slave trade. As the borough holds its fourth Heritage Festival, Sean Creighton investigates one of the darkest chapters of our history

One of the benefits of giving history talks is that members of the audience are able to supply extra information. In the discussion after a recent talk I gave on Croydon’s connections with the slavery … Read More »

The 50th anniversary of Croydon’s first eleven

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Andrew Dickinson celebrates some neglected Croydon gems, and unveils plans to bring them back into use

The year is 1966. There they are, proudly lined up, one to eleven. A team put together with great thought and purpose. Each one an impressive performer individually, but as a collective, the outcomes will be even greater.

The sun is shining brightly as the VIPs make their … Read More »

Remembering 1916, and grandad: life on the western front

Posted on April 8th, by Robert Ward in History. 5 comments

Robert Ward felt something down the generations when he visited the ‘Remembering 1916′ exhibition

I hadn’t thought of grandad for a while. What brought him back to my thoughts was a visit to the ‘Remembering 1916 – Life on the Western Front‘ exhibition at the Whitgift Exhibition Centre.

Grandad died when I was four years old, more than sixty years ago. He was just past … Read More »

A Croydonian on the Western Front

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The story of a Croydonian’s experiences in the ‘war to end all wars’, told by his grandson

My grandfather, Leonard Fuller, was born in Croydon in 1896. He lived at 109 Queens Road, until the family emigrated in 1910 to Winnipeg. On 30th August 1915, at the age of 19, he volunteered to join the Canadian Expeditionary Force in Winnipeg. He was recruited as a … Read More »

They were prepared – the heroism of Croydon’s Scouts in World War Two

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A plaque has been unveiled in St Barnabas’ chapel, Croydon University Hospital, paying tribute to some unsung – and very young – Croydonian war heroes. Hospital chaplain Hilary Fife reports

Look closely at the tin helmet in the photograph on the left and you’ll see the words ‘Mayday H’. This photo brought to life for me a conversation I’d had with a patient, in … Read More »

Come fly with Croydon Airport as it celebrates £10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund grant

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Croydon Airport Society has a Heritage Lottery Fund grant – the first funding it’s ever received – to Deborah Challis’s delight

Croydon Airport Society has been awarded £10,000 as part of an exciting new project, ‘Revealing the Hidden Heritage of Croydon Airport’. Our project aims to recruit and train volunteers to meet growing demand at its Visitor Centre, help keep it open and research the … Read More »

Industrial heritage on the banks of the Wandle

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Sean Creighton tells the story of the river Wandle past and present

6th July last year saw the Wandle Park Revival Community Day celebrating the regeneration of this Croydon park. This followed work on the restoration of the River Wandle, which was broken out from a concrete culvert beneath the park. Now it’s the turn of the nearby Waddon Ponds to have money spent on … Read More »