I’m positive about leaving

Posted on June 21st, by Ahzaz Chowdhury in Politics & Society, Topical. No Comments

Local businessman Az Chowdhury presents a case for leaving the EU that’s more upbeat than others you may have read

On 23rd June, each of us has the opportunity to cast their vote in the EU Referendum. How will it affect the country as a whole, and us in Croydon? Ultimately, should we vote to remain or leave?

I will be voting to leave the EU. … Read More »

Why I kept my business local

Posted on February 16th, by Ahzaz Chowdhury in Economics & Business. 1 Comment

Central London? No thanks. Az Chowdhury explains why

I’ve lived in Croydon most of my life. The Cronx is in my blood. That is what keeps me living in our town, but it’s not enough in itself to justify running my business here. Taking a Braveheart approach to business will likely end in a similarly messy way.

Whilst my professional peers are working from their more … Read More »