Help celebrate International Peace Day 2015 in Croydon

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Aishah Mehmood asks all Croydonians to make our voices heard for a better world

I’m starting this article with a call to action. As founder of Croydon Peace Tree and co-ordinator of our local activities for World Peace Day, I’d like to ask you to visit our Facebook page today and post a message about peace and what it means to you. Don’t Facebook? Well, you can also … Read More »

Croydon’s growing problem that is being swept under the rug

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Aishah Mehmood delves into the growing number of people who can’t afford to feed themselves

Regardless of how much we can afford, every one of us needs food. Where we get our food from can vary, from supermarkets to discount shops like the 99p store or Poundland. But how would you feel if you witnessed a citizen using another form of means to find food: … Read More »

Gambling shops, loan sharks, desperation, and debt

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Aishah Mehmood wants Croydon citizens to believe the glass is half full, rather than half empty

Since the 2011 riots we have become much more focused on the image and improvements to be made in Croydon. One of the pressing issues is the growing number of loan and betting shops in the Croydon area. As a concerned citizen of Croydon, I am worried about the image … Read More »