Croydon Saffron Central will feature on BBC Radio 4′s Food Programme this Sunday, 28th January

Posted on January 26th, by Ally McKinlay in Politics & Society. 2 comments

Croydon’s urban saffron farm will be on the airwaves again this weekend

This Sunday Yasmin Khan, who was born in Croydon, presents a very special programme called Britain’s Secret Saffron Story for The Food Programme on the BBC’s Radio 4. I was lucky enough to be interviewed just before Christmas at Broadcasting House and shared all that I knew, as best I could, on Croydon’s connection to the saffron … Read More »

Croydonites Festival 2017 review: Letters to Windsor House, by Sh!t Theatre

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Pillar box women, adult babies and a giant truss – it’s just another show at the Croydonites Festival of New Theatre

When I woke this morning, I felt like I’d just had a night out at Edinburgh Festival. But no… it was the Croydonites Festival of New Theatre. There was the excitement of the walk into town with Mrs Mac to see an unknown show. Where shall we get … Read More »

How we created a haven for Croydon’s bees

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Artworks and hard work have created a beautiful bee haven in central Croydon, says Ally McKinlay

Croydon town centre is buzzing once again. This time, it’s thanks to bees: Bee Haven has taken over the piece of derelict land on Park Lane where last year we opened the world’s largest urban saffron farm.

Croydon Saffron Central was a great success and by the start of 2016, … Read More »

Crocus Watch Needs You! Let’s help celebrate the origins of Croydon

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Ally McKinlay’s Crocus Watch project has made Croydon the first town in Britain to map spring

A lot can happen in week in Croydon it seems: the whiff of an FA Cup quarter-final for Palace, the whiff of paint aerosols being used to transform St. George’s Walk, and the rise of the mighty crocus.

Many believe that Croydon is named after the beautiful flower … Read More »