Pedal for Progress

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Our goal is to prove that there are others in Croydon who’d like more choices about how they get from A to B

I became a mother of two nearly three months ago now. People want to know: how is it going? How are you coping? We’re ok. Not bad. But then I have a moment when I feel actually good again and I realise that … Read More »

Croydon Bicycle Theatre celebrates women’s suffrage centenary

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Telling the story of the battle for women’s right to vote

“Let me tell you what I think of bicycling. I think it has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world.”

When Susan B. Anthony made this statement, voting rights remained a distant promise for women both in her native US and here in the UK. However, it is no surprise to … Read More »

Let’s hear it for events at Boxpark

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It’s the closest thing that we have to a town square

It’s pretty easy these days to be cynical about social media as we become inoculated against the fairly constant stream of awesomeness that seems to be everyone else’s lives – all of the time.

And yet, when you spot something that truly catches your eye and actually makes you want to get out and do … Read More »

Event report: Croydon’s ghostly cycle ride, Sunday 20th November

Posted on November 23rd, by Amy Foster in Culture. 2 comments

Croydon is the most haunted borough in London. So we got on our bikes and went on a ghost-hunt

Croydon is, apparently, stiff with ghosts. And with this spurious piece of data, we were off. Where exactly in Croydon do these phantoms live? Who are these poor lost souls, doomed to wander our streets in eternal sorrow? How could we share these fantastical stories with our fellow townspeople … Read More »