Representing Croydon at the Garden Organic Community Volunteer Conference

Posted on October 18th, by Andrew Dickinson in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Andrew Dickinson, founder of Croydon’s urban mushroom farm, has been spreading his knowledge to fellow community gardeners around the country

One of the great things that the Citizen allows us to do is to share stories involving Croydon folk. On Saturday 24th September I found myself boarding a coach with a group of fellow Croydon Master Gardeners and food buddies as we headed off to Ryton, Coventry … Read More »

Event report: Croydon Environmental Fair, Saturday 11th June 2016

Posted on July 14th, by Andrew Dickinson in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Andrew Dickinson reports on undampened spirits and a growing sense of community purpose among green (and Green) minded Croydonians

It took a while (five years in fact) but eventually the Croydon Environmental Fair (which started life know as the Green Fair) landed in its always intended location of Wandle Park on Saturday 11th June. It’s a permanent home. Why five years? Well, the event would have kicked … Read More »

The 50th anniversary of Croydon’s first eleven

Posted on May 13th, by Andrew Dickinson in History. 1 Comment

Andrew Dickinson celebrates some neglected Croydon gems, and unveils plans to bring them back into use

The year is 1966. There they are, proudly lined up, one to eleven. A team put together with great thought and purpose. Each one an impressive performer individually, but as a collective, the outcomes will be even greater.

The sun is shining brightly as the VIPs make their … Read More »

Ruskin Square Croydon, public art and a Festival of Toil

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Andrew Dickinson attended a dinner to discuss public art in Ruskin Square Croydon. It really wasn’t hard work

“The highest reward for a man’s toil is not what he gets for it but what he becomes by it” (John Ruskin).

I was recently a guest at the Festival of Toil dinner at Amp House, East Croydon. The dinner was hosted by MUF architects who … Read More »

Genius loci

Posted on November 24th, by Andrew Dickinson in Culture. 1 Comment

Andrew Dickinson looks back at Croydon’s summer of saffron

A good number of Croydon residents have been fortunate enough to be involved with the incredible, horticultural, community heritage project that is Saffron Central, which has been attracting a lot of interest and enthusiasm.

I visited the site on 8th November to help harvest what may be the last of any great quantity of saffron as temperature and … Read More »

The unintentional volunteer

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It’s not the volunteering, it’s giving up the time, says Andrew Dickinson

It was Jonny Rose’s recent article on volunteering which has prompted me to share with you a potential benefit of volunteering that was missed from his list. My benefit was… a great night out in Croydon.

To my great surprise, I was nominated for Volunteer of the Year in the 2015 Croydon Community Civic Awards. … Read More »

Croydonian Pie

Posted on October 19th, by Andrew Dickinson in Culture. 1 Comment

Andrew Dickinson never imagined that a musical god would come to our borough. How wrong can you be?

On Friday 2nd October, I went to the Fairfield Halls to see American singer-songwriter Don McLean in concert .

So what? Big deal. Glad to hear you’re getting out of the house. I can almost sense the thoughts – and yes, so what?

Well… if … Read More »

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: if David Bowie saw Croydon now

Posted on June 26th, by Andrew Dickinson in Culture. 3 comments

“I hated it with a vengeance”, said David Bowie. Or did he? The clues are all there, thinks Andrew Dickinson

Approximately 300 of us packed in to the Arnhem Gallery last Thursday 11th June to be part of the travelling book-reading-cum-public-debate show, ‘Croydon Til I Die’, which looks at suburban life and questions why it’s so often – and so famously – been sneered at. Although … Read More »

Mushrooms and megabytes: A chance encounter at Croydon Tech City’s branding workshop

Posted on May 18th, by Andrew Dickinson in Croydon: Tech City, Event Reviews. 4 comments

Andy Dickinson got more than he bargained for at a recent #Croydon #TechCity event

It’s 3pm on Friday 1st May and I’m sitting in the home of one of Britain’s leading mycologists and our informal chat and wine consumption is under way.

How did I get to be sitting here?  Well, on Tuesday night I had attended a Croydon Tech City event in Matthews … Read More »

How I would regenerate Surrey Street market

Posted on April 14th, by Andrew Dickinson in Politics & Society. 3 comments

Andrew Dickinson thinks outside the crate on our historic fruit and veg market’s future

The Croydon Advertiser on 20th January 2015 ran the headline – NEGLECTED! Surrey Street has served Croydon for nearly 800 years and is London’s oldest street market – so why do stallholders fear for its future?

Someone told me the other day that the market was going: the Croydon Partnership, so the … Read More »