Croydon Heritage Festival review: a talk on Croydon’s slavery connections

Posted on July 11th, by Anne Giles in Culture. 5 comments

From Addington Palace to Broad Green to Selsdon, Croydon has connections with the slave trade. Anne Giles learns more about this disturbing aspect of our town’s history

On Monday 30th June I attended a talk entitled ’200 years a slave: Croydon’s slavery connections’ in the Maple Room at Fairfield Halls. The talk was given by Dr Nick Draper from the University College London Department of History. … Read More »

Croydon Heritage Festival review: the classic car show, Purley

Posted on June 30th, by Anne Giles in Culture. 3 comments

Romantic bench seats, removable engines and heritage for the mechanically-minded in the Croydon Heritage Festival’s classic car show in Purley

Croydon’s transport heritage is in the public eye during the Heritage Festival 2014 – but it’s not just about aeroplanes and trams. My husband Steve and I have a great interest in old cars and were delighted to hear that they were making an appearance too.

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Restaurant review: Rodizio Preto

Posted on May 2nd, by Anne Giles in Culture. No Comments

Anne Giles tries an overwhelming selection of Brazilian meats that just keeps coming

38-40 High Street, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 1YB
Time from East Croydon  7 minutes

We decided to try this one out, as it is situated quite close to the Grants Vue cinema and is an ideal place to have a meal after watching a good film. Another thing which attracted me to it is the fact that … Read More »

Review: Speroni’s Restaurant

Posted on March 6th, by Anne Giles in Culture. No Comments

Anne Giles discovers the culinary delights of the Mediterranean at a restaurant owned by Crystal Palace goalkeeper Julian Speroni

Speroni’s Restaurant, 4 Tudor Court, Russell Hill Road, Purley CR8 2LA
Time from East Croydon   15 minutes

My husband and I decided to try this one out, having read about it in one of our local newspapers. It is owned by Julian Speroni, of the Crystal … Read More »

Changing Croydon: Health Services

Posted on October 24th, by Anne Giles in Culture. No Comments

The use of computers has changed every part of our lives, in her continuing series Anne Giles takes a look at the impact technology has had on our medical services over the last 30 years

My first experience of Croydon’s health services in the 70s were not very good at all. I registered with a doctor in the Selhurst area, he … Read More »

Changing Croydon: Music Venues

Posted on August 6th, by Anne Giles in Culture. 6 comments

Anne Giles looks back on her time as a musician in Croydon – and takes our readers on a tour through the history of its venues and clubs

When I first lived in the area in the 1970s I had only just started playing guitar and singing folk songs. The only venues I visited were the local folk clubs. I … Read More »

Changing Croydon: Theatres and Cinemas

Posted on June 20th, by Anne Giles in Culture. 6 comments

Anne’s series continues with a look at what Croydonians have been able to sit and watch in darkened rooms over the last 40 years

We rarely went to the cinema in the ’70s. There was the Classic Cinema in Brighton Road, South Croydon, which opened in 1971, showing classic Hollywood films, but this closed in 1973. The one we visited most was … Read More »

Changing Croydon: Restaurants

Posted on May 7th, by Anne Giles in Culture. 13 comments

Anne Giles continues her crusade to show us that things weren’t necessarily better in the old days. This time, she takes us through the ever-improving array of restaurants in Croydon

Unlike its shops and public transport, Croydon’s restaurants have always been good. But it’s my experience that they’ve got better and better over the years. My memories of dining out in … Read More »

Changing Croydon: Transport

Posted on March 22nd, by Anne Giles in History. 6 comments

Continuing her series on why it wasn’t necessarily better in the old days, Anne Giles gives us an oral history of getting around (and out of) Croydon

In the ’70s, I didn’t own a car. I travelled everywhere by public transport. We lived in Thornton Heath initially and later near Selhurst station. Trains to Victoria ran twice an hour and were slow trains, so I … Read More »

Changing Croydon: Shopping

Posted on January 24th, by Anne Giles in History. 5 comments

They say things ain’t what they used to be. According to Anne Giles, they’re better than ever. In the first of a series on the changing nature of the borough, Anne describes first-hand how Croydon’s retail history is as rich as it is long

I came to live in Croydon in 1972, renting a small, unfurnished flat in Thornton Heath, and later purchasing … Read More »