Through the keyhole: what the doctor sees

Posted on August 10th, by Barnaby Powell in Politics & Society. 12 comments

How a visit to Croydon University Hospital led to a reflection on what we can do to reduce the burden on the NHS

In early April, I took a heavy fall on my shoulder while walking my dog in Lloyd Park. When my arm failed to regain its normal leverage after several weeks, I had an X-ray, then an MRI scan to reveal the true extent of … Read More »

Memories of Croydon, explored in the ‘Wall of Recall’

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An imaginative project marked National Dementia Week in Croydon

One in fourteen of us over the age of sixty-five will fall prey to dementia, that sad human condition where the body outlives the mind. The consequent lapse in mental faculties causes great confusion, anxiety and distress in sufferers and to their loved ones. This loss of short-term memory, in particular, causes grievous loss of control over the … Read More »

Review: Leave ‘Em Laughing at Stanley Halls, 6th May 2018

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An evening of humour and wit in South Norwood

When asked about the position of the poet in society, Dylan Thomas replied: “Definitely vertical!”. By this token, stand-up comedians are the poets of boundless notion. Their trick is to remain firmly erect on stage, by building an untoppled tower of amusement with words. Unlike the stand-up, bar-room row, the challenging exchange between the crafty jester and his/her … Read More »

Make yourself heard at this sociable foreign-language club

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Welcome, bienvenue, bienvenido, benvenuto, willkommen to the Croydon Social Language Club!

Most of us Brits are monoglots – we can only speak our own language, which is English. Unless we have parents born overseas who have shared their native language with us, or we’ve taken the trouble or had the opportunity to learn other languages, we lack the ability to converse with those from other countries. Even … Read More »

The EU referendum is not a done deal

Posted on April 26th, by Barnaby Powell in Politics & Society. 4 comments

There are things that you can do to stop the UK leaving the EU

Ahead of the local elections in early May and before we get to choose our dictators after they’ve told us what we think it is we want to hear, let us raise our sights above and beyond the local scourges of knife crime, rogue landlords and pestilential fly tipping to focus on an … Read More »

The way forward

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We’re often told that we face challenges of a scale unseen since the war, so what can we learn from then and apply to now?

We’re in a bind – the result of much foolish gaming carried out on our behalf up to 2008 and, well before that, the easing of credit granted to those of us who had little notion of the cost of borrowing. The pump … Read More »

My Croydon – southern powerhouse

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Make our borough great again – by making it fit for purpose

When I arrived as an incomer to Croydon twenty-five years ago, the place struck me as eminently fit for human habitation. It offered excellent mobility – both social and physical. You could be in London in the time it took to read a morning paper, or be out in the open countryside even sooner. From … Read More »