A delicious judicious review

Posted on September 30th, by Brendan Walsh in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

The Reds and Greens were well mixed at The Alchemist – and Brendan Walsh isn’t just talking about the salad

As the countdown to Shasha Khan’s David vs. Goliath battle against Sutton Council turns to single figures, the figures of his assembled supporters took a bit of a battering at The Alchemist, surely one of the quirkiest restaurants in Croydon.

The event was initiated … Read More »

Why Croydon needs community-owned energy

Posted on February 4th, by Brendan Walsh in Politics & Society. 2 comments

As rising energy bills and climate change bring trouble to millions, Brendan Walsh and friends claim to have a solution to both – and they want your help

Can you help Croydon Power become the joule in the town?

It’s about time Croydon caught up with some of its neighbours and offered a sustainable investment opportunity in the energy market. The benefits to the … Read More »

Vegan Curious? Follow me!

Posted on August 22nd, by Brendan Walsh in Culture. 2 comments

Freaking out about the frankenburger? Relax. Help is at hand.

Imagine you are Madonna. Imagine I am Madonna’s dad. You are screeching “Pleeeeaaase, Papa don’t preach” at me and it’s not because you’re in an awful mess. It’s because I’m going to talk about Veganism.

Don’t hang up! We can get through this. If I did it (when aged 38) then anyone … Read More »

The Incinerator: Smouldering Resentment

Posted on April 24th, by Brendan Walsh in Politics & Society. 2 comments

The HPA say there are no significant risks and the planning officer report approves it. Why are so many people passionately opposed to an incinerator on the Croydon/Sutton border?

You don’t have to be an eco-warrior to think that building an incinerator on Metropolitan Open Land (effectively Green Belt) is a probably a bad idea. I’ll come clean. I think it’s a shocker. So much … Read More »

Close The Door Mate, It’s Still Freezing

Posted on January 31st, by Brendan Walsh in Politics & Society. 5 comments

Why Brendan Walsh spent January demanding to see the manager

I couldn’t help myself really. It’s an inbuilt instinctive childhood reaction. Snow starts falling and you rush down to the high street to spot shivering retailers. I barely had time to grow a beard. There was some good news. The number of doors shut was now at 50% (January 19th 2013), up from 29% in early December. A Pyrrhic victory, … Read More »

Close the door mate, it’s freezing

Posted on December 20th, by Brendan Walsh in Politics & Society. 6 comments

Brendan Walsh is a Christmas shopper on a mission

Christmas is coming, and with energy prices booming, methods of keeping warm are in demand. My dear ol’ mum used to wrap me up like a mummy which pleased my dear ol’ dad immensely. I was about 10 before I realised the radiators in my house were something other than a weird low level art installation. Roaring fires were ok … Read More »

If 50,000 people in Croydon North don’t vote…

Posted on November 16th, by Brendan Walsh in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

….ask not “why do so few people vote?”, but, “why so many?”

The Croydon North electorate in 2010 numbered 85,216. Normally a By-Election of produces a turnout of 20% lower than then General Election, this suggests that 41% will vote on November 29th. It also suggests that 50,000 people will not vote. More often than not they feel the outcome of an election will have little bearing on their … Read More »