Bigger in year 2: the Croydon Literary Festival 2018

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2017 was so much fun that we’re doing it again on Saturday 27th October

You might remember that, in early 2017, Johnny Rose put up a shout out for volunteers to set up Croydon’s first ever literary festival. I was one of a handful of people who came forward; in the end, four of us (plus some amazing helpers on the day) put on a one-day literary … Read More »

Review: The Royal Tandoori restaurant, Selsdon

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Fresh flavours and shiny, happy service makes this an Indian restaurant to remember

Sometimes, standard Indian restaurant fare is a bit… beige. Bland-looking. It’s hard to remember a good Indian restaurant meal, unless you’re lucky enough to have a decent curry house close by. We stopped off at the Royal Tandoori in Selsdon on a Saturday evening after a day of watching World Cup footie, expecting… well, … Read More »

Review: Viet2Go restaurant, Surrey Street

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Viet2Go provides fresh, delicious flavours, and coffee that makes it impossible not to come back again and again

Croydon is in the middle of a coffee-house renaissance. From Coffee Shotter to Byte Café, we have a new coffee quarter in our midst. We have coffee coming out of every orifice. What no one has mentioned is that the best coffee in all of Croydon isn’t in a … Read More »

Tell us about your memories of Croydon

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When you think of Croydon, what comes to mind?

We really want to know… For our July print issue, we want you to tell us about your strongest memory of Croydon: whether you’re 15 or 85, we want to know what you think of when you think about our borough. Is is shopping down Surrey Street with your family? Is it going to one of the local … Read More »

Six of the best beer gardens in Croydon

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Summer’s almost here. Where to go for a glass of something cool – in the open air?

There’s something decadent about drinking a pint, or a glass of wine, or a J20, in the sun, isn’t there? It’s one of life’s small pleasures, that glorious feeling of warmth on your arms, a cold glass in your hand, and the sense that even if it’s just for one … Read More »

Why you should write for the Croydon Citizen

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I want to hear your voice – and let others hear it, too

When I was the editor of a well-known film magazine, we used to have a saying on the team. “Everyone’s a critic”, we’d mutter sagely to each other, when someone tried to tell us our jobs, or explain to us how to review a movie, or even why our carefully crafted destruction of Eddie’s … Read More »

Calling all of Croydon’s literary lovers!

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Bigger, better, brighter, bolder: the 2018 Croydon Literary Festival would love to hear from you

In September 2017, the first ever Croydon Literary Festival took place at the David Lean Cinema. Over 250 people attended throughout the day, to listen to speakers such as Joe McGann, Erin Kelly and Louis Barfe; check out stalls run by BookLove, Bookseller Crow and The Ludoquist; and chat to like-minded literary … Read More »

Read all about it: Croydon’s first literary festival is here

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Forget Hay-on-Wye. Your literary heritage will be celebrated on Saturday 9 September at the David Lean Cinema

If Stoke Newington and Balham can have a literary festival, then why not Croydon? That was the thinking back in April this year, when Croydon stalwart Jonny Rose called together a group of like-minded volunteers to put together the borough’s inaugural literary festival.

One meeting … Read More »

South of the flyover

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Memories and meaning in South End

Pizza Express on South End: that’s where I became an adult. I was there with one of my oldest friends, on a wet Wednesday in October, and she told me she was divorcing her husband. Wow, I thought. This is where it begins. We’re grown-ups now. The cars whizzed by outside, heading down to Brighton Road. The street lights … Read More »