Mayor Sadiq Khan visits the People’s Republic of Croydon

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It was #EatDrinkCampaign as the London Mayor spoke at Boxpark on Monday evening

Sadiq Khan arrived in Croydon at 7pm on a wet and windy night. London’s mayor is every inch the people’s politician, engaging quickly through the crowd, touching everyone and making close eye contact. At the end of the event he lingered, took part in selfie after selfie, listened, talked and hugged. This is a … Read More »

The mental health crisis of Croydon’s children

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Let’s work together to help families affected by young people’s mental health issues

When I was a deputy headteacher, I was woken one night in early June by a phone call asking me to go down to a police station to pick up a vulnerable year 11 student. When I say ‘vulnerable’, I mean distressed, angry, wild, violent and beyond reason, but inside was a small child crying for … Read More »

Event review: Croydon Bach Choir’s Spring Concert

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A celebration of music itself

On Saturday 1st April, about 300 people gathered in St Mildred’s Hall to joyfully share complex sound patterns; to participate or to watch the orchestra and singers throwing sounds between themselves, to and fro, in and out, the rhythm escalating, ricocheting with rippling patterns reminiscent of waves crashing on to the shore, or of birds circling up in what appears at times … Read More »

Croydon refugee child

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How a refugee child in Croydon is being helped to fulfil her potential

I wrote an article for the Croydon Citizen after the recent attack on asylum seeker Reker Ahmed in which I made a link between poor or incomplete childhood development and the violent aggressive behaviour of his attackers. The article provoked a strong response. I was particularly struck by this comment: “There you … Read More »

Lessons from the attack on asylum seeker Reker Ahmed

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Strident condemnation doesn’t explain how the horrific attack on Reker Ahmed was possible

On Friday 31st March, Reker Ahmed, a seventeen year old Kurdish-Iranian unaccompanied minor seeking refuge in the UK, was set upon by a group of up to thirty people between fifteen and twenty-five years of age. The attack happened on Croydon’s Shrublands estate. Reker was lucky to survive the attack but suffered a fractured … Read More »

Why the learning revolution starts in Croydon

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Charlotte Davies wants to make Croydon a centre of excellence for understanding how people learn and behave

Fit 2 Learn is a Croydon-based community interest company that seeks to empower communities and individuals through understanding how to make everyone an effective learner. Our approach involves using new technology to capture data about people’s physiology and changes to that physiology in order to fine-tune people’s control over their muscles, … Read More »

Event report: the South Croydon Community Association’s Q&A on Croydon’s changing town centre

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Will Croydon’s future be decided by a roll of the dice? Sometimes it feels that way, says Charlotte Davies

South Croydon Community Association organised its second Question Time event at Croydon College on the evening of Thursday 14th April 2016 under the title of ‘Croydon Town Centre Is Changing: How Will It Affect You?’.

The event was sold to us as follows: ‘Croydon … Read More »

What can China teach our children for Chinese New Year?

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Chinese children are exceptionally high achievers. Charlotte Davies suggests ways to help our children to learn from this culture

Croydon will have its first Chinese New Year parade on Sunday 7th February, starting from the Whitgift Centre and finishing at Fairfield Halls. It is organised by Hale Man, artist-in-residence at the Whitgift Centre; who has created a phoenix sculpture to represent the communities of Croydon … Read More »

Coherent education policy for Croydon, or moving the chairs on the Titanic?

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Problems in Croydon’s schools are well-established by the end of the primary years. What can be done? asks education consultant Charlotte Davies

Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping once famously said: “It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice.” The structure of educational institutions does not matter so long as the children are educated.

If we look around the world … Read More »