Grammar schools: For hard working children?

Posted on February 24th, by Cormac Mannion in Politics & Society. 4 comments

Adding to the grammar school debate, Cormac Mannion asks what value, if any, grammar schools have

In his article that recently appeared in the Croydon Citizen’s second print edition, Benjamin Flook rightly addressed the pressing issue of Croydon’s schools’ inability to cater for our rapidly expanding population. As a solution to this, Mr Flook suggested drawing on the success of neighbouring Sutton and … Read More »

The Inimitable Wodehouse

Posted on November 4th, by Cormac Mannion in Culture. 3 comments

Cormac Mannion finds the influence of Croydon had a lasting effect on PG Wodehouse, even seeping into his characters

“Croydon’s such a dive, I hate this place.” This rather splenetic statement prompts a momentary suspension of my conversation, as I enjoy a coffee with fellow Citizen contributor Tom Lickley in the Whitgift Centre. The train of our no doubt immensely profound and … Read More »

Thinking About Thinking: Croydon’s students must be taught philosophy at school

Posted on October 18th, by Cormac Mannion in Politics & Society. 7 comments

Cormac Mannion explains how if Croydon’s youth are to lead the way for the town, they must gain an understanding of understanding

The late American comedian George Carlin wryly observed that politicians have traditionally hidden behind three things: the flag, the Bible, and children. The first two are perhaps not so relevant here in Britain, but the third, children, certainly holds true. The general … Read More »