How Boxpark can become a permanent fixture in Croydon

Posted on May 17th, by Daniel Deefholts in Economics & Business. 5 comments

Questions over empty units distract from an opportunity to make Boxpark work

Improving four key areas at Boxpark could guarantee future support from the re-elected Croydon Council administration – and open new possibilities for the space to become permanent on Ruskin Square.

Last October, local community and media platforms celebrated the first anniversary of Boxpark Croydon. In 2016, both Croydon Council and the Greater London Authority … Read More »

Crystal Palace FC must pay a real living wage to all its staff

Posted on September 20th, by Daniel Deefholts in Politics & Society. No Comments

The club can afford it, so why are the young discriminated against?

Following his recent Twitter spat with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Steve Parish risks tarnishing Crystal Palace’s Premier League status if it fails to pay all staff a real living wage.

Over the last three years, I have been known to my family and peers as a proponent of local community activism … Read More »

Now is the time for all politicians to be radical

Posted on July 6th, by Daniel Deefholts in Politics & Society. 6 comments

Labour’s big win in Croydon Central suggests that it is on track to keep control of the council next year, but can old-school socialism revive the borough?

One month ago, the nation and local community in Croydon Central were left in an uncertain state – an election with an inconclusive result left a nation apprehensive and politically divided. I spent election week confident, politically hungry, and optimistic … Read More »

Crisis, chaos, and utter Brexit complacency

Posted on June 7th, by Daniel Deefholts in Politics & Society. No Comments

Has the recent resurrection of Sarah Jones added fuel to the Conservatives’ fire, and can tomorrow’s general election solve any of Croydon’s social issues?

Back in October, I remember publicly speaking to an audience at the Community Land Trust’s annual group meeting in East London. I gave a short and sweet speech to address Croydon’s housing crisis, gentrification progress, and how to stimulate the local economy. I … Read More »