How I did my first ever week’s work in Croydon

Posted on July 13th, by Edmund Jones in Politics & Society. 3 comments

Edmund Jones wonders if he’ll be a full-time member of Croydon’s workforce one day

I was born in Croydon, I go to school in Croydon, and I just did my first ever Monday to Friday working week in Croydon. I’m nearly fifteen, and in May 2016 I spent a week on work experience at a local PR company. It was a very interesting week and I’d like … Read More »

Not quite beginners: learning to code with Croydon Tech City

Posted on March 10th, by Edmund Jones in Event Reviews. 5 comments

Edmund Jones reports on being the youngest guinea pig for Croydon’s digital future

It may be because I’m a child, but I’m used to knowing when my lessons begin and end. There’s a bell, which makes things very clear, and we have to stand up when the teacher comes in. No-one did any of that on Sunday evening, February 15th, at Matthew’s Yard, at the first free coding class for … Read More »