It’s cool in the Cronx: review of the Cronx Brewery Open Day

Posted on August 12th, by Faye Edwardes in Culture. 2 comments

Faye Edwardes attends a brewery open day that’s all about success in Croydon

“My husband loves a nice blonde”, I said to the barmaid with a wink, “but he loves a porter too”. And so that’s what we had. It was the Cronx Brewery’s second Open Day on Saturday 2nd August and we went along to check it out.

The Cronx Brewery is the first … Read More »

Attention Croydonians – there’s champagne on our doorstep

Posted on July 21st, by Faye Edwardes in Culture. 2 comments

Wine presenter and educator Faye Edwardes toasts the sparkling vintages produced just down the road from Croydon, and the coming of age of English sparkling wine

Nestling not far from our hometown are some fantastic vines bearing wonderful fruit. English sparkling wine is finally coming of age.

There is a growing number of sparkling wine producers in Kent, Surrey and Sussex making very high quality wines. … Read More »