Ashburton Park is for people, not politics

Posted on November 27th, by Gareth Streeter in Politics & Society. 9 comments

Conservative activist Gareth Streeter is excited about the Friends of Ashburton Park – and has a proposal for his Labour counterparts

Most of my friends are decidedly non-political and one thing they always assume is that a Conservative Party activist like me would be the polar opposite of a campaigner from another party.

But we have more in common than people think.

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Making a difference in Ashburton

Posted on September 18th, by Gareth Streeter in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Gareth Streeter explains what can be achieved when community groups and public bodies work together, citing Ashburton’s newest church as an example

Cameron calls it the ‘big society’. For Blair it was the ‘third-way’. Other terms exist, but ultimately they all come down to the same thing – a growing recognition that to truly meet the needs of the most vulnerable the state, business and … Read More »