Could you be an ‘Appropriate Adult’ volunteer in Croydon?

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The local Appropriate Adult scheme is run by Croydon Voluntary Action. Could you be a part of it?

What happens when a juvenile or a person with a mental difficulties is taken into custody – something that is already an uneasy experience for a well-functioning adult?

Public concern over obtaining misleading evidence from vulnerable suspects led to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 … Read More »

What I learned when I attended a Croydon death café

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Advertised as offering ‘healthy and insightful conversations’, what happens when we meet to talk about death?

I’m new to Croydon. One of the ways to get to know a neighbourhood is to meet with people in public and chat. We might talk about our children, our occupation, hobbies and education. We might even share our troubles, and how we ended up in this place.

But … Read More »