How Croydon won the World Cup

Posted on July 25th, by Ian Lavis in Sport. 4 comments

Watching the World Cup from Boxpark Croydon became a worldwide sensation

The sun was beating down through the clear plastic roof and burning my face. I was sweating lager from every pore. I was drenched in beer. My eyes were fixed on the giant screen and I daren’t blink. The tension was off the scale.

And then it happened. Harry Maguire sent a towering, bullet header … Read More »

The Reker Ahmed attack was about mob violence

Posted on April 19th, by Ian Lavis in Politics & Society. 2 comments

It’s not about Croydon, it’s not about Brexit – it’s about thuggery

As a Kurdish teenager recovers in hospital from a sickening attack that left him fighting for his life, the citizens of Croydon are trying to come to terms with what happened on Friday 31st March on the Shrublands estate. How could such a savage beating take place on our doorstep? Why Croydon? Why England? Why now?

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Why Croydon is the new Marseille

Posted on June 13th, by Ian Lavis in Culture. 2 comments

Does Croydon really have anything in common with the south of France? Ian Lavis thinks it definitely does

As I sit on a bus crawling along London Road on a rainy day it’s hard to imagine Croydon having anything in common with the south of France, or more precisely the stunning port city of Marseille, where the locals do back-flips off the rocks into the Mediterranean and … Read More »

Croydon facelift? Please don’t botch it up.

Posted on February 24th, by Ian Lavis in Economics & Business. No Comments

Ian Lavis takes a look at the woulds, shoulds, could-have-beens and future hopes for the Croydonian urban environment

Imagine a Croydon in which you get a real buzz walking around the streets, checking out the cool buildings, dramatic skyline and inspiring public spaces.

No, I haven’t drunk too much Cronx beer. I’m just a Croydonian with big hopes for what Croydon could be if … Read More »