CRZero 2020: how can we end homelessness in Croydon?

Posted on February 9th, by Ian Marvin in Politics & Society. 2 comments

Getting to know and understand homeless people means that we can offer them the help that they really need

Like most residents of the borough, I’m aware of the increase in street homelessness over the last couple of years. What most of us don’t realise is that the majority of those living on the streets are supported back into housing relatively quickly. However, there is … Read More »

Review: Coffee Loft, Thornton Heath

Posted on November 21st, by Ian Marvin in Politics & Society. No Comments

Part café, part Italian restaurant, with a really friendly vibe

Time from West Croydon station: 10 minutes  64, 198, 250, 109, 289, 60

1 Thornton Road CR7 6BD

It’s been a while since there has actually been a pond at Thornton Heath Pond, and in spite of the allure of the bus garage and the venerable Jeffrey and Collard with its selection of new and second-hand tools, it’s hardly … Read More »

Book review: Outskirts by Croydon’s John Grindrod

Posted on July 31st, by Ian Marvin in Culture. 1 Comment

John Grindrod, a writer from the outskirts, on his New Addington boyhood in ‘the last road in London’

Ostensibly the first book to tell the tale of Britain’s green belts, Outskirts depicts how growing up living in ‘the last road in London’ was inevitably a formative experience for John Grindrod that gave him a unique vision of the conflicts and contradictions intrinsic to the creation of green … Read More »

I attended the Croydon Central hustings

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Spirited debate in London’s most marginal seat

Whether it was an omen or not I can’t really tell, but I had a meeting in Westminster prior to the rescheduled Croydon Central Hustings. As a consequence I picked up a copy of the Evening Standard prior to jumping on a train to East Croydon. There on page three was a photo of incumbent Gavin Barwell, under the headline … Read More »

A day spent listening to the voices of Croydon

Posted on May 19th, by Ian Marvin in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

On Saturday 8th April, the people of Croydon had many more conversations than usual

The week running up to the Easter break was an interesting one in Croydon. To begin with, we had the Croydon incarnation of ‘Take Back Real Control‘, which took place in the TMRW start up hub in Croydon High Street on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th April. This initiative is supported … Read More »

Croydon housing crisis? What crisis?

Posted on May 11th, by Ian Marvin in Politics & Society. 10 comments

Risks and opportunities as policymakers consider putting a roof over our heads

On Thursday 13th April, I went to Croydon Conference Centre in Surrey Street to attend a discussion titled ‘How do we solve Croydon’s housing crisis?’, which was billed as organised by Croydon Debate Club and featured Gavin Barwell, MP for Croydon Central and minister for housing and London. Although this seemed at first glance to … Read More »

The Elizabeth James Art Gallery and the creative arts in Upper Norwood

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Art, culture and creativity in Croydon doesn’t begin and end in the town centre

With the focus on what’s happening in the middle of Croydon, it’s easy to forget about the various neighbourhoods that make up the borough. Many of us are only vaguely aware of venues and events other than those in our own particular environs.

South Norwood is getting some attention for a number … Read More »

Warhol month is coming to Croydon

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How Croydon plans to celebrate Warhol in the thirtieth anniversary year of his death

It’s hard to believe that Croydon’s arts quarter is nearly two years old, its official opening being the street art takeover of St George’s Walk by Femme Fierce in February 2015. Since then, Croydon has become a destination for aficionados of this often ephemeral art form, with articles appearing in both local and … Read More »

Following Fairfield Path

Posted on January 27th, by Ian Marvin in History. 1 Comment

Strolling back in time via Croydon’s suburbs

The idea first surfaced after I’d been contemplating some old maps of Croydon for a now-forgotten purpose. Whatever that purpose was, I almost certainly did have something better to do with my time – but everyone needs a break once in a while.

What struck me was the persistence over the years of a trail called … Read More »

Culinary discovery in the early days of Boxpark

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Ian Marvin went hunting in Croydon’s newest smorgasbord and came away satisfied

I approached the slow emergence of Boxpark with some scepticism, especially with regard to the ever-shifting opening date. The last minute appearance of a lonely JCB on the site around the end of February this year didn’t help either. However, since it opened (as I write, three weeks ago) I must have been there more … Read More »