Review: Limitless VR

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The many realities of Croydon’s new VR bar

Croydon High Street has seen a real resurgence of late that stands in stark contrast to the gradual decline of the Whitgift Centre and the surrounding area. While Croydon’s dominant shopping area has continued its slow decline as it awaits the ever elusive Westfield development, the high street has become, in only a couple of years, a somewhat unlikely … Read More »

Is the Citizen‘s work done?

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On the occasion of its fifth birthday, in a different Croydon to the one in which it started, the Citizen‘s Editor-in-Chief asks what role the publication still has to play

This is a month where we might permit ourselves a little self-satisfaction. 16th November 2017 will mark exactly five years since the Citizen officially launched in the back room of Matthews Yard to an audience of encouraging … Read More »

We’re all thinking it: will Westfield ever happen?

Posted on April 27th, by James Naylor in Politics & Society. 2 comments

Why Westfield’s delays are both foreseeable and risky despite what its proponents say

In recent months, one subject keeps rising, quite strangely, amongst the most read topics on the Citizen‘s website. It’s not Boxpark, Croydon Tech City or the sadly recently departed Croydon Radio. It has no reason to be there because we haven’t published, nor had call to publish, anything about it for six months. It … Read More »

Why we’re launching the Croydon Citizen Supporters Programme

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Why we’re asking you to become a financial supporter of the Citizen as well as a journalistic one, and what we’ll spend your money on

The Citizen will turn five years old in November. It certainly doesn’t feel that way, though, to those of us who got it up and running back in 2012. After a year of building a reputation as a news and … Read More »

When will the saga of Southern end?

Posted on November 22nd, by James Naylor in Politics & Society. 8 comments

With an eye to the costs of disruption, the Citizen Editor-in-Chief tries to answer the question on every commuter’s mind

In a time when political divisions about the European Union are tearing the country apart, we can all at least find some common ground in that most British of things: complaining about the trains. It’s usually a safe topic; against a backdrop of economic and … Read More »

The ‘cool kids’ are taking a shine to Croydon again

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The Citizen’s Editor-in-Chief and founder of Croydon Tours takes a sceptical look at Croydon’s newfound trendiness

There actually being a Croydon National Trust guidebook, it is safe to say, would be a dream come true for me. One of the things that I enjoy boring my friends, media pundits, fellow editors, writers, and just about anyone that will listen with is that Croydon is a lot more … Read More »

The real Crexit

Posted on June 22nd, by James Naylor in Politics & Society. 3 comments

Croydon’s local divisions are both more interesting and more revealing than the national debate, says James Naylor

First: an apology. You may well be sick of referendum coverage by now. Misleading slogans, misused patriotism, the fears of immigration or economic collapse stoked by an apparently endless army of columnists, and every day a fresh lineup of experts from some field or another telling you that … Read More »

Office conversions need to stop

Posted on August 12th, by James Naylor in Economics & Business. 12 comments

The extension of Permitted Development Rights (PDR) to offices has transformed Croydon at a speed not seen since the ’60s. But now – as then – it’s getting out of control

In the 2012/2013 financial year, Central Croydon was sporting office vacancy rates worse than central Detroit. A quite astounding 52% of available space was empty; literally millions of square feet of unused space, including thirty-five entirely vacant buildings.

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In defence of the suburbs

Posted on July 7th, by James Naylor in Politics & Society. 4 comments

The suburb is inoffensive, but why does it conjure up so much negative sentiment? asks James Naylor

“But what, exactly, do the suburbs need defending from?” said Rob.

To me, the answer felt obvious. It was the reason that I, and 300 others, gathered on 11th June for the final leg of the part literary roadshow, part reading group, part evangelical revival that was … Read More »

Central government does nothing for Croydon

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Neglected, screwed-over – Croydon’s history with central government is not a happy one, says James Naylor. What does that mean for the election?

In the 19th century, Croydon was the largest place in Britain not to be a county borough, failing to be granted the status until 1889, after which it had already exploded in size and commercial importance. Today, it is the largest … Read More »