What’s happening to our democracy? Croydon deserves better

Posted on April 25th, by James Thompson in Politics & Society. 4 comments

Conservative councillor James Thompson objects to the conduct of Croydon Council meetings, and has some suggested improvements

I’m approaching two years as a councillor and it’s been an enlightening period to say the least. From the outset it’s been clear to me that change is needed. When Council Leader Tony Newman stands up and ums and errs for five minutes, failing to answer a simple … Read More »

The Conservative Future of Croydon

Posted on April 29th, by James Thompson in Politics & Society. 17 comments

Coulsdon East Conservative candidate James Thompson is proud that Croydon’s right wingers are getting younger

As the local elections continue to heat up in the coming weeks, 2014 looks set to be a real tussle between the Conservatives and Labour for who wins control of Croydon Council. Looking further ahead, 2018 could be an even more significant election for our town.

This year, there … Read More »

The Problem with Politics – perhaps we should look within?

Posted on July 25th, by James Thompson in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

In his first article for the Citizen, James Thompson questions whether as a population we should be more constructive than critical to our MPs

No one goes into politics hoping to make friends or become a celebrity. Usually it’s a case of quite the opposite – expect your life to come under enormous scrutiny, work exceptionally long hours with little family time, and get little … Read More »