Amy Johnson, Croydon and me

Posted on January 31st, by Jenny Lockyer in Culture. 3 comments

Writer and actor Jenny Lockyer on how Croydon’s pioneering pilot inspired her new show

Right now, I’m creating a piece of theatre inspired by the aviator Amy Johnson. It’s called ‘Amy Johnson: Last Flight Out’. It presents parts of her life but also looks at how she thought about things. Amy’s linked closely to Croydon; it was from Croydon airport (then of course, London’s only airport) that … Read More »

Event review: Miss Hope Springs plays Hoodoo’s, Saturday 22nd October

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Ty Jeffries’ alter ego, the redoubtable Miss Hope Springs, brought tears and smiles to Hoodoos

A string of show tunes play out from the speakers as we wait for the show to begin. The stage holds a keyboard draped with fairy lights, the Mayor of Croydon, Wayne Trakas-Lawlor, has been invited and his table’s at the front of the audience, laden with pretzels. Something’s gonna go down.

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How we helped Croydon’s children to celebrate bees

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Jenny Lockyer spends a week helping Croydon’s children to have a bee bonanza

The Oval Tavern garden nestles snugly between the playing field of Ark Oval school and the houses on Oval Road. Walk near to the pub on a warm summer’s evening and you are likely to hear the strumming of an acoustic guitar or the relaxed murmur of conversations, clinking glasses and general pub life … Read More »