From vision to reality: the Purley Festival story

Posted on July 25th, by Kirsty MacLennan in Culture. 1 Comment

Kirsty MacLennan relates how a chat over a drink turned into some serious community activism for Purley-ites – and for Fiona Lipscombe

We all do it: we talk about putting the world to rights over a drink with a friend. But not many of us take action. Fiona Lipscombe, John Newberry and Ian Harris were bemoaning the lack of music events over lunch one day. They used … Read More »

How to be a social media whizz and boost your business

Posted on July 1st, by Kirsty MacLennan in Economics & Business. No Comments

New contributor Kirsty MacLennan notes how the success of events such as the Purley Festival has been reliant on social media – and how it can help your business

“Tweeting is just for celebrities, isn’t it?” asked the curious lady serving tea at the Christ Church cafe in Purley. I’d just emerged from a whirlwind social media workshop by marketing agency Dot Social. “Well, actually..,” … Read More »