Celebration of regeneration at the Minster’s Season of Creation

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Lee Taylor, Associate Vicar of Croydon Minster, ponders some ancient words of advice for Croydon

When conversations begin about building and protecting, it can easily be assumed that urban economic developers and conservationists are inexorable enemies. Yet, these interlocutors have one thing in common: the welfare and flourishing of the place in which they are set. Between them, they have a concern for the built and natural … Read More »

Why we blessed Reeves Corner, five years on from Croydon’s riots

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Five years after the inferno at Reeves Corner became the iconic image of London’s riots, Father Lee Taylor and his congregation blessed the site. Here he explains why, and describes his hopes for the healing of Croydon

Mention the Croydon riots in some quarters and you’ll quickly be met with shushing. The official view is that it’s time to move on. That’s not always easy: there are parts of … Read More »

Croydon minster revives the ancient tradition of blessing the beer

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God is the giver of all good things… and that includes beer, says Croydon minster’s Associate Vicar, Lee Taylor

On Thursday 4th August at 7:00pm I will be reviving an ancient tradition in the heart of Croydon Old Town. I will be blessing the beer at our local pub in the parish of Croydon minster.

It is quite a quirky and fun thing to be doing. But it’s … Read More »