Croydon respite plans are closed until further notice

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Carer services in Croydon are being hit hard by closures

The word ‘closed’ is an interesting adjective. ‘Not open, having ceased trading.’ It has a certain finality about it, in that it cannot be questioned – only accepted. The ‘closed’ sign on a shop window or door gives an overall feeling of disappointment and annoyance. This subsides, though, as the following day it will be open again. … Read More »

Why Carers’ Rights Day is so important to Croydon

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Carers are so important to society and yet, so often, their rights are ignored

Friday 24th November 2017 may be just another day in the calendar for many people. For many others it marks Carers’ Rights Day. This annual event is held in order to bring carers together to ensure that they are aware of their rights and – importantly – know where to find … Read More »

The long road to self-care

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How can Croydonians take better care of themselves?

The national carers’ strategy consultation (the draft Carers’ Strategy 2011-2016) agreed that “carers often neglect their own health and wellbeing”. This message comes as no surprise. It’s very easy for your health to deteriorate when others are a priority in our lives – but, of course, this is not just an issue for carers.

Carers do have a … Read More »

A new year for Croydon, a new year for you

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How Croydonians can turn over a new leaf… realistically

The Chinese New Year for 2017 does not officially start until towards the end of January. The financial new year begins in April. Even the sales aren’t exclusive to January anymore. Yet we can still feel tremendous pressure to start everything afresh on 1st January.

Is it because January is associated with Roman mythology and Janus the … Read More »

How should Croydon support its young carers?

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There are over 300 registered young carers in Croydon, and the likely real figure is much higher

I’m pleased to say that Croydon has made commitments to members of its community who have caring responsibilities, in particular its young carers. The council published a carers strategy in 2008, setting out a number of provisions and steps for their needs and requirements.

The intention is … Read More »

Do Croydon’s carers get the help that they need to balance care and work?

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It’s challenging to juggle caring responsibilities and paid work, says Loren Dixon

A series of laws has been passed to strengthen carers’ rights in the work place. The Work and Families Act 2006, and the Equality Act 2010 include the right to ask an employer for flexible working hours and the right to take time off to care for a dependent. In theory this legislation … Read More »

Looking back at Carers Week in Croydon

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Loren Dixon was impressed by the improved variety of events in this year’s Carers Week, and is cautiously optimistic about what will come next

It’s that time of year again: 6th-12th June, Carers Week. I received via the post and email numerous events and information for carers. Carers Week, if you are not already familiar, is a campaign that is held every year which not … Read More »

How autism awareness is growing in Croydon

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Carer Loren Dixon sees attitudes changing for the better in our borough

On Wednesday 6th April at 12:30 pm, between the shopping and the rain, I managed to catch  glimpse of Croydon’s mayor, Patricia Hay-Justice, Croydon Champion for Autism Councillor Andrew Rendle, Councillor Louisa Woodley and other familiar faces from the Town Hall balcony.

The mayor was in attendance at the launch of Croydon’s … Read More »

The reality of being a Croydon carer

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While many carers’ support services are being cut or closed down, they are needed more than ever, says Loren Dixon

As I failed to find this word in my miniature dictionary, I searched online and found the definition as of a carer as: ‘a family member or paid helper who regularly looks after a child or sick, elderly, or disabled person’. My online dictionary added … Read More »

Farewell to Coulsdon CALAT

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Cuts and more cuts. There seems no end to them, says Loren Dixon, and CALAT is yet another victim

CALAT (Croydon Adult Learning and Training) was, and according to the council’s website still remains, a provider of ‘vibrant, high-quality adult learning experiences’ for local people, offering more than a thousand courses to 20,000 students and trainees each year. No longer, it seems.

I can … Read More »