Trade Fair to demonstrate Young Enterprise participants’ skills

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Looking for that special gift this Christmas? Your answer may come from Croydon’s younger business brains

Two busy shows on North End in Croydon, and one more to go before Christmas. Products made, presented, and sold by the dozen. From candles, to hats, and from soaps to cards, the young achievers have created and sell a range of products at each fair. They still have … Read More »

Young Enterprise dedicated to finding Croydon’s future business stars

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The Young Enterprise scheme has inspired young people to a life of business in Croydon for many decades

The hustle and bustle of the market.

The disorder and confusion of people surrounding the precise placement of products on stalls.

This is market day… but not just any market day.

As blurry-eyed teenagers collect round their wares, like flocks of penguins huddling to … Read More »