Croydon beekeepers create a buzz at National Honey Show

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Croydon Beekeepers’ Association celebrates after a series of outstanding wins at the 84th National Honey Show

The annual National Honey Show, held in Weybridge, Surrey, attracts visitors and entrants from across the UK and beyond. At this year’s event, the 84th, Croydon Beekeepers’ Association members Bob Barnes, Meriel Spalding, John Collett, Barbara Barnes and Tracey Carter did Croydon proud with an impressive four first prizes plus … Read More »

Help Croydon’s bees – please

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Let’s make our town more bee-friendly, urges Mark Stott

Following the government’s decision to allow farmers to increase the range of crops treated with neonics (nicotinoids: a class of neuro-active insecticides chemically similar to nicotine) I want to write an article about the threat that this poses to bees. I am a passionate beekeeper and am always happy to ‘talk bees’. However, there are lots of people better … Read More »