Why row over military budgets when Croydon needs more police?

Posted on August 6th, by Max Shirley in Politics & Society. 7 comments

As violent crime continues to grow, police numbers carry on falling

As surprising at it may be following Gavin Williamson’s, Minister of Defence, tirade demanding an increase in defence spending from 2.1% of GDP to 2.5%, and Trump’s recent ultimatum at the Nato summit for an increase to 4%, the UK is not currently at war. In real numbers, Williamson’s called for an increase in budget by … Read More »

Battling over Brexit in Croydon

Posted on July 24th, by Max Shirley in Politics & Society. 13 comments

As Brexit continues to dominate headlines, it’s time to take a look at this national issue from a local level

It has been just over two years since the British people voted to leave the European Union and, to this day, little advancement in negotiations have been made and calls for a second vote have been consistent. It was a close vote, especially within Croydon as, while the … Read More »

In #GE2017, decisions made in Croydon will matter

Posted on April 26th, by Max Shirley in Politics & Society. 5 comments

As Theresa May’s election snaps at our heels, Max Shirley takes a look at the issues for Croydon

If you think you’ve trekked to the postbox or polling station quite enough recently, then I’m sure that you won’t be too happy with Tuesday 18th April’s news that a snap election is upon us. Confirmed by the Commons’ vote on Wednesday by 522 votes to 13 … Read More »

How Pokémon Go is changing the culture of Croydon

Posted on August 17th, by Max Shirley in Culture, Topical. 1 Comment

  Max Shirley headed into Croydon to see how Pokémon Go is taking over, with some very positive results

Pokémon Go fever has hit Croydon since the official release of this mobile game on 14th July. The augmented reality app has simply taken the world by storm: the game has already surpassed dating app Tinder in terms of downloads, and has more daily users than Twitter. One only … Read More »

Event report: Croydon’s young people’s Use Your Voice initiative, Tuesday 2nd August

Posted on August 9th, by Max Shirley in Politics & Society. No Comments

Max Shirley reports on a Brexit debate with a difference

I must start with an apology: I’m sorry that you are being subjected to yet another article about Brexit, and I promise that this one will be a little different to all of the others that you have read.

Tuesday 2nd August saw 16-25 year olds flock to Project B in Middle Street, Croydon … Read More »

Virtual Reality Croydon

Posted on July 6th, by Max Shirley in Culture. 1 Comment

Croydon hasn’t got many claims to video game fame, but there may be more than you expect. Max Shirley boots up

Video games: the ever growing artistic medium in which the player has the ability to interact and experience a world created for them. Croydon: the urban town we all live and work in. Video games and Croydon – two things that take up the majority of my … Read More »

The community bands together to stop Croydon’s litter epidemic

Posted on May 4th, by Max Shirley in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Max Shirley explores how the community is coming together to combat litter

Saturday 23rd April saw the first meeting of the community campaign for a cleaner, greener and more beautiful Croydon. The campaign was originally announced in mid-March; founded by Citizen contributor Charles Barber, it sets out to make Croydon a more environmentally friendly and appealing place to reside. It was well attended by citizens from all over … Read More »

How safe are you on Croydon’s trains?

Posted on April 26th, by Max Shirley in Politics & Society. 4 comments

Max Shirley has been looking at some crime statistics that might make East Croydon’s commuters uneasy

Since February 2015, 125 crimes have been recorded at East Croydon station. It’s a very busy station indeed: the country’s third busiest non-terminal station with an estimated 71,000 passengers per day embarking, disembarking or changing there, but compared to other stations in the area this crime figure still seems … Read More »

Should Croydon have a directly elected mayor?

Posted on March 23rd, by Max Shirley in Politics & Society. 5 comments

Max Shirley looks at Croydon’s current electoral model and suggests it might be time Croydon had a directly elected mayor

Every day we move closer to the next London Mayoral and Greater London Assembly elections, which are being held on 5th May. Current polls suggest that Labour candidate Sadiq Khan is in the lead, and has been since the summer. Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith has been sitting in a healthy second place … Read More »

Salute Croydon’s clean and green champions, but more must be done

Posted on February 16th, by Max Shirley in Politics & Society. 17 comments

Max Shirley salutes the work done to end fly-tipping and clean up Croydon but asks: why isn’t it working?

Our town centre can be pretty abysmal, with cigarette butts, chewing gum and litter on the ground, and the lack of central green spaces and colourful buildings lowering the overall mood. The underpass that runs adjacent to Fairfield Halls has been littered with profanity in the … Read More »