Voices of Croydon’s veterans

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These are the stories of some of Croydon’s unsung heroes: the men and women of the borough who served their country so admirably

“It just fills me with pride… to be recognised, for people to say thank you.”

Chris Morbey, a British Transport Police officer and former guardsman in the army, still doesn’t see himself as a veteran. He’s not retired, he didn’t fight in the … Read More »

Croydon’s Peace Festival: a review

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Borough residents define peace in many ways. How do you define peace in your life?

An age-old question: how do we achieve world peace? There has been a week in Croydon focused on exploring this question, in dozens of events dedicated to discussions of peace. People from across the borough came together in community forums and gatherings to share what peace is to them, in both their … Read More »

Peace Festival 2018: writing Croydon’s ‘Anthem for Peace’

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How the lyrics for the ‘Anthem for Peace’ came to life via poet Shaniqua Benjamin

“Music is like medicine, medicine for the soul.” Shaniqua Benjamin’s words about the power of music perfectly encapsulate the emotion in the new song for Croydon, the ‘Anthem for Peace’. The young poet from Thornton Heath and founder of Young People Insight wrote the lyrics for the anthem in several drafts, via brainstorming … Read More »

Beats and Eats kicks off live summer street-music events

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Live music and poetry readings combine with local food vendors for summer fun in Croydon

Live music performances and local food stands are hitting the streets of Croydon this summer. On 7th June, the newly pedestrianised High Street launched the first of bi-weekly street-music events planned for the summer months. The Beats and Eats event featured a local pizza vendor and live performances, including entertainment from several … Read More »

A newcomer’s first impressions of Croydon

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The borough’s identity through the eyes of an outsider

Identity has always been crucial to people and places. Formal identification is needed for individuals to travel, pay for goods and even to rent a library book. Places like airports and docks have names or codes that distinguish their locations from others. These are all very practical, mechanical aspects of the word.

But in a much more … Read More »

Thornton Heath rallies for youth support in Croydon

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The community takes a stand against knife crime by promoting youth empowerment

The church was sweltering in the May heat, but the atmosphere inside was warm and inviting. Dozens of community members stood around their booths, talking with the adults and kids who had given up their Saturday afternoon on a bank holiday weekend to discuss youth empowerment. The people at the Thornton Heath Youth … Read More »

Calling all Croydon veterans, whatever your age

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All local veterans are invited to celebrate Armed Forces Week at a special lunch

Just like the citizens of Croydon, veterans don’t have a singular identity – some may have been frontline troops, while others were pilots or served in the navy. Some fought in the Second World War and others fought for their nation in recent conflicts. Many veterans may not have fought at all, but … Read More »