Croydon Tech City is dead; long live Croydon, tech city

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The organisation’s founders are calling time, but fruits of their labours will continue to grow

In October 2012, my fellow Croydon Tech City co-founders and I made it our mission to create a sustainable tech ecosystem in Croydon – one that not only brought sector growth to our local economy, but which includes and benefits the local adults, children and SMEs often overlooked in tech sector regeneration … Read More »

Tech City – delivering Croydon’s future skills, now

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Half the jobs we’ll do in ten years’ time don’t exist yet. Enter Future Tech City, says Nigel Dias

In November 2013, Croydon Tech City (CTC) launched its Future Tech City (FTC) initiative, the purpose of which is to raise the awareness and availability of tech skills in the borough, in particular by promoting organisations like Code Club and Apps for Good. With more schools, … Read More »

What has #Croydon #TechCity done over the last two years?

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As #Croydon #TechCity enters its third year as the town’s tech hub, co-founder Nigel Dias sets the record straight

After a summer recess, #Croydon #TechCity returned last month to start our third year as Croydon’s own Silicon Roundabout. It’s been a hectic and rewarding couple of years since CTC began, and I think it’s safe to say that we’ve made our presence known both in … Read More »

ANNOUNCEMENT: Future Tech City

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#Croydon #TechCity co-founder Nigel Dias unveils the movement’s biggest plans to date to foster Croydon’s future technical talent


The delivery of tech and STEM education is not only crucial to the long term education and careers of children, but is crucial to the success of the UK economy. Studies show that the future demand for tech skills far outweighs the current supply from the labour markets. If a longer term … Read More »

#Croydon #TechCity: Tech Specialist – David Wilson

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Nearly a decade ago, David started working for a small HR consultancy firm based in Brisbane, Australia, which decided it wanted to invest in technology. Last year that same firm, which David now oversees manages the EMEA operations, was bought for nearly four billion dollars by SAP, one of the world’s largest technology companies with over 60,000 employees. Outside of his roles, where David keeps close … Read More »

#Croydon #TechCity: Tech Specialist – Paul Barnett

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A literal child of business (he was earning over £3,000 per year from washing cars at the age of 12), Paul has spent a lifetime building internationally operating tech businesses, turning over millions of pounds in the process. Combining a rare talent for business, great technical ability and the experience of taking his products from a bedroom to a large office in Purley with 13 staff … Read More »

#Croydon #TechCity: Tech Specialist – Richard Greene

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A veteran of the programming world, Richard’s career as a professional programmer spans 24 years, during which time he started his own company, become an internet marketing guru, built dozens of websites, written an iPhone app game and worked on two multi-platform mobile apps. He now works as the Head of Development at Snupps Ltd, a new large-scale social media network tool that goes public in … Read More »