How Croydon raised £250,000 to restore the minster’s historic organ

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Fantastic community fundraising allows vital restoration work to begin

Over the past two years, several articles have appeared in the Croydon Citizen, extolling the virtues of Croydon’s heritage church and hidden jewel, Croydon Minster, and in particular the activities that have taken place to raise funds to restore the fine manual William Hill organ. Facebook and Twitter aficionados will now have seen the recent jubilant posts and … Read More »

Event review: Shadow Play at Theatre Utopia, Saturday 19th August

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A show that delighted children and adults alike

A bare stage with a small light projecting onto a large blank screen. The audience of young children and their parents in Theatre Utopia sits in anticipation as a lanky young man in a trilby crosses the stage, smiles and the lights go down. This time, as he crosses in front of the light, his shadow appears behind him. … Read More »

Croydonites Festival 2017 review: How To Be A Girl

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A show that does what it says on the tin with humour, satire and power

When invited to review a production as part of the excellent Croydonites Festival of New Theatre 2017, the extra X chromosome that I’m sure I possess kicked in, and I opted to review How To Be A Girl (yes, the pink on the flyer attracted me). I mean, who could resist an Audrey … Read More »

Review: The Gospel Of Matthew By Candlelight at St Matthew’s church, Monday 5th March

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A scholarly yet boisterous presentation of Jesus takes to the stage

Any regular church goer will hear readings from the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, at just about every service of worship. But to hear an entire gospel being read is a rarity. To hear and see a gospel being performed is a privilege. This is what actor George Dillon offered at St Matthew’s church … Read More »