The fall of Fairfield

Posted on December 18th, by Paul Dennis in Culture. 5 comments

Critics of the proposed two years’ closure of the Fairfield Halls claim the plan jeopardises its future. The halls would be mourned, says Paul Dennis, but largely by people who didn’t go

I recently visited my solicitors in my home town of Burton on Trent to tie up a bit of business. As soon as I mentioned Croydon he said: “Ah, the Fairfield Halls“. His is a … Read More »

Croydonites Festival review: Figs In Wigs, ‘Show Off’, Saturday 14th November at Matthew’s Yard

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Paul Dennis visits Matthew’s Yard to see those sultry ‘Show Offs’, Figs in Wigs

There was something nagging me all evening, during the Croydonites Festival appearance of Figs in Wigs doing their ‘Show Off’ show at Matthew’s Yard. It wasn’t the Wigs themselves – well, it was, but not in the way that you might think. Partly it was due to their being a quintet. And having … Read More »

Danger in the dormitory

Posted on October 8th, by Paul Dennis in Politics & Society. 5 comments

Paul Dennis has seen the signs, and they aren’t encouraging

Before moving to Croydon I lived out a good chunk of my life in Burton Upon Trent, the Staffordshire town that can claim to be the brewing capital of the world. In fact, it was at a major brewery that I got my first job. I stayed with the firm for eighteen years.

It’s a long … Read More »

Comedy festival review: Richard Herring and Matt Green at the Oval Tavern, Thursday 12th August

Posted on August 21st, by Paul Dennis in Culture. 1 Comment

Paul Dennis catches a big fish at the Oval Tavern during Croydon’s comedy festival

Wouldn’t you just know it? Edinburgh is in full swing, so naturally we have a comedy festival in Croydon.

Now, all things being equal, you would expect any comedians worth their salt to be in Scotland right now, so it was a bit of a surprise to see two big names on … Read More »

Restaurant review: Timber Garden, London Road

Posted on July 21st, by Paul Dennis in Culture. 3 comments

Paul Dennis fills up at a former petrol station

Timber Garden, 161 London Road, CR0 2RJ
Time from East Croydon:  12 minutes / 5 minutes 64 or 198

I enjoy a visit to the Croydon Restaurant Quarter as much as the next person. But as a London Road resident, I’m always keen to give my local eateries some support too. So it was that I visited … Read More »

Review: Comedy at the Cronx Brewery

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Paul Dennis samples a barrel of laughs at Croydon’s premier brewery

Raise a glass to the Cronx Brewery for its new venture: ‘Comedy at the Cronx’. On the face of it a brave move – Wednesday nights in Croydon – and dare I say it, New Addington, aren’t renowned for entertainment opportunities of this kind, and I really hope that after this encouraging start there will … Read More »

The Croydon student who founded her own fashion label

Posted on July 28th, by Paul Dennis in Culture. 1 Comment

Paul Dennis talks to Croydon College student Jeanne-Marie Fraser about fashion, music and world domination

I don’t doubt for one moment that Richard Branson was scoffed at when, as a student, he voiced his ambitions.

He was young – what did he know? Well, he knew where he was going, and the same can be said of Jeanne-Marie Fraser, who has just completed a B-TEC level … Read More »

Review of ‘The Adventures of Andy Kershaw’, Matthew’s Yard, Thursday 17th July

Posted on July 22nd, by Paul Dennis in Culture. 1 Comment

After interviewing the veteran broadcaster last month, Paul Dennis reports on Andy Kershaw’s adventures and anecdotes

Big thanks are due to Neil Woodcock and the rest of “The ukelele and other machines” team for setting up ‘The Adventures of Andy Kershaw’ at Matthew’s Yard on Thursday 17th July. I hope it’s the start of many more such gigs, especially if they are of this quality.

Clearly they … Read More »

Andy Kershaw comes to Croydon

Posted on June 24th, by Paul Dennis in Culture. 1 Comment

Paul Dennis talks to globe trotting, multi-talented broadcaster Andy Kershaw before his gig at Matthews Yard

I was present when an old journalist crushed a bright eyed female student’s expectation of the profession, with the words: “journalism is not about meeting interesting people. It’s about meeting boring people – then making them interesting.” However, it’s clear that the ancient scribe had never had the opportunity … Read More »

Restaurant review: The Windmill

Posted on May 26th, by Paul Dennis in Culture. 1 Comment

Paul Dennis visits a local pub with an astonishing culinary secret

224 St James’s Road, Croydon, CR0 2BW

Time from East Croydon:  12 minutes 


Croydon is hardly short of great places to eat. We have a well-established restaurant quarter that draws gourmets from far and wide, plus an enviable array of gastropubs and ethnic eating houses.

But for a total double-take moment you really … Read More »