Exhibition review: stories by autistic artists at the Click Clock Gallery

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Rossella Scalia reflects on private treasures during a visit to the oldest of Croydon town centre’s three art galleries

Our lives are stories; told, listened, sometimes invented. What makes them unique is how we build those lives by continuously creating and adjusting our stories. Art is a way to tell stories: sometimes including ourselves in them, at times revealing only a tiny part of our … Read More »

The road to Selhurst Park

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Rossella Scalia takes the long initiatory journey towards Crystal Palace Football Club

I have always liked beginnings as they contain in them a thrilling euphoria for the unknown and the optimism of an outcome. I believe that uncertainty has not to be seen as a time of crisis, but rather as a moulding of time that slowly … Read More »

Theatre review: The Wonderful World of Disoccia, by the Royal Russell Players

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Rossella Scalia on an evening which took her on a journey of the mind

“Your watch is not an hour slow, Lisa. You are.” – Anthony Neilson.

Lisa has lost her way in the world of Dissocia; a place built by her mind in which she finds herself moving freely. The performance begins in a semi-empty white room with a shut door on the background and a solitary … Read More »

Taberner House: story of a demolition

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A building vanishes. Rossella Scalia reflects on Croydon’s newest public space

Since April 2014, Rossella Scalia has been watching the demolition of one of central Croydon’s chief landmarks. Taberner House was built between 1964 and 1967, the work of architect H. Thornley, and named after Ernest Taberner OBE, Croydon’s Town Clerk from 1937 to 1963. Generally unpopular with locals, the building was notable for being not oblong but … Read More »

Event review: Art as young experience – the BBC Ten Pieces project at the Fairfield Halls

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Rossella Scalia on the responses of Croydon’s children to a wonderful music experiment

“An experience is a product […] of continuous and cumulative interaction of an organic self with the world.” – John Dewey

Ten Pieces, launched on CBBC (the BBC’s hugely popular children’s channel) in the autumn of 2014, aims to inspire a generation of children to engage with classical music. Sponsored by the Arts Council England … Read More »

Traces of Croydon

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Rossella Scalia reflects on Croydon’s evolution and sets the scene for what’s yet to come

“People who do not know better would describe Croydon as a suburb of London; indeed within the last few years it has been officially incorporated in the Greater London area. But it is in essence a Surrey town with something of a provincial character: it is only about ten miles … Read More »

We live in a vibrant world

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Rossella Scalia delves deep into the Croydon psyche, uncovering both the risks and the opportunities we face

I was inspired to write the following article after seeing readers’ suggestions for ‘I would make Croydon better by…’ in recent editions of the Croydon Citizen, and finding that the dreams of Croydon citizens are public fountains, bike hubs, a left luggage facility at East Croydon station, a … Read More »