Event review: The Emerge exhibition at the BRIT school

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Young artistic energy on display in a fascinating exhibition of students’ work

Walking briskly, we made our way into the BRIT school building. My mother and I have a tendency to mill about when we should be making our way somewhere. so we were lucky to make to the exhibition because we were running late. Before we even stepped in, it was bustling with students, adults, and … Read More »

Review: Art workshop for young people at the Samuel Coleridge Taylor Centre

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Keeping art alive for young Croydonians

On Wednesday 14th February I attended an art meet-up for all of the teens and kids of Croydon at the Samuel Coleridge Taylor Centre. The Samuel Coleridge Taylor Centre is a historical building which was left behind by the composer, Samuel Coleridge Taylor, for the youth of Croydon to express their creativity in. And that they have; in fact, the … Read More »

Event review: Graffiti art workshop at RISE Gallery

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A lesson from a well-known artist, then a chance to work on Croydon’s free graffiti wall

Is all graffiti vandalism? 34% of the British public would still agree that it is, a YouGov poll has shown. But for two-thirds of people to see it in a positive light is a big change. Historically it was frowned upon, with the most popular argument against it being that it’s … Read More »

How I took over Croydon’s police service for a day

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What happened when Croydon’s young people stepped up into positions of responsibility?

On Friday 24th November, I was one of sixty-eight young people who took part in the Croydon Youth Takeover Challenge. The aim of this new initiative was to grant our borough’s youth the opportunity to play a part in running Croydon for the day. Job roles to be taken over included those in Croydon Police, the … Read More »

Warhol Month event review: Andy Warhol Changed The World at the Spread Eagle pub theatre

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The chance to learn about modern art, for free, from experts. That’s Croydon’s Warhol Month

To celebrate Croydon’s Warhol Month, there’s a packed programme of events with many talks, walks and Warhol-inspired works of art splattered around Croydon. The month of activities marks thirty years since the death of the famous American artist. After finishing my pleasant meal at the Spread Eagle pub, I marched upstairs then … Read More »

Event review: Psychedelic Art Workshop at Elizabeth James Gallery

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A fun art workshop where kids got covered in foam and learned about psychedelia

One August morning fifty years after the Summer of Love, I made my way to the Elizabeth James Gallery in Upper Norwood. The psychedelic art workshop was due to begin at 11:00 am; I got there early as I usually do.

The gallery has been updated with a new exhibition for Croydon’s … Read More »

Event review: Open Day at Old Town fire station

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Visitors of all ages had fun and learned about the work of Croydon’s firefighters

My mother and I decided that Croydon Fire Station’s open day sounded interesting, and arrived at 12.00pm on Saturday 11th August, just as its big glass doors of the fire station in Old Town were about to be opened. We joined a queue of people, including many families, all waiting to get in. … Read More »

Exhibition review: Urban Landscapes at the Elizabeth James Gallery, South Norwood

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Artists explore their cities and find beauty in this thought-provoking show

On Tuesday 17th May 2017, an art exhibition opened at the Elizabeth James Gallery on Portland Road. Elizabeth James was originally from Richmond, but grew up in Croydon, and could see the place where the gallery is now from her bedroom window as a child. Wanting to bring art to this area is what inspired her to … Read More »

Café review: Café Tresor, South Croydon

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Wide variety, immense portions and community cheer

Time from East Croydon:  20 minutes, or  10 minutes (119, 466, 60)

12 Selsdon Rd, South Croydon CR2 6PA

Café Tresor is a lively café on Selsdon Road, South Croydon, a few minutes’ walk away from the restaurant quarter. It’s a small, cosy place with a variety of lunch options, friendly staff and food options for vegans and vegetarians and … Read More »

Croydon joins the City of London Livery Education Link

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Rufus Jones on representing his Croydon school in a London-wide art project to commemorate the First World War

At the school office, I was greeted by a very enthusiastic looking teacher. I was rather nervous at the time due to being summoned to reception for a reason unbeknownst to me. I sat down next to a few familiar faces as the teacher walked in. His first words … Read More »