Restaurant Review: The Alchemist

Posted on October 3rd, by Stephen Black in Culture. 9 comments

Stephen Black uncovers a local restaurant that’s friendly to coeliacs, vegans, and your wallet

The Alchemist, 273 Morland Road, CR0 6HE, tel. 07564 036977
Time from East Croydon:   11 minutes 

Is the key to a good dinner the connection between base and superstructure? Does the economic relationship of the workers to the enterprise determine the quality of the outcome?

It was a friend’s birthday. … Read More »

Central Planning?

Posted on July 23rd, by Stephen Black in Politics & Society. 2 comments

Stephen Black asks how far Croydon Council will go to defend the town’s future and special character

Last month I wrote an article for the Citizen called ‘Croydon, the unique city?’. It drew conclusions about the future of Croydon from my unschooled observations of London over the last thirty years.

I argued that the nature of Croydon’s housing stock determined its relative position in the pecking … Read More »

Croydon, the unique city?

Posted on June 6th, by Stephen Black in Culture. 4 comments

Stephen Black explains how Croydon’s brutalist architectural collage could make it the next Stoke Newington

I’ve lived in London for more than thirty years, twenty-five of them in Croydon, and it’s long been a parlour game of mine to speculate (even ‘pontificate’) on why some parts of London are considered desirable, fashionable, chic, hip, cool, or simply ‘nice’, while others are not.

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