East Croydon’s leaky artery: a transport hub on life support

Posted on March 12th, by Stephen Mann in Politics & Society. 2 comments

Commuter Stephen Mann takes a look at the worrying drop in standards at Croydon’s transport gateway

“Southern is sorry to announce that the [insert train time here] to [insert destination here] is delayed by approximately x minutes. We are sorry for the delay this will cause to your journey today.”

I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of hearing … Read More »

Enough is enough: Let’s put Ashburton Park first

Posted on November 28th, by Stephen Mann in Politics & Society. 3 comments

Stephen Mann uses the Citizen to respond to Gareth Streeter’s article on Wednesday

I was saddened to read Gareth Streeter’s very personal attack condemning the Friends of Ashburton Park as a “front group” and agree whole-heartedly with Bieneosa’s comment that the article “does come across as a ‘political game’”.

I do not want a petty tit for tat on a public forum. … Read More »

Friends of Ashburton Park gather opinions at public meeting

Posted on November 1st, by Stephen Mann in Politics & Society. No Comments

Stephen Mann recounts how a mentor of President Obama, along with more than fifty others, became a Friend of Ashburton Park

I am writing again as one of the co-organisers of the Friends of Ashburton Park (and I hope you aren’t getting sick of the updates). After our second public meeting this week we have made fantastic progress both with regards to planning our ideas … Read More »

Obama mentor to aid Friends of Ashburton Park

Posted on October 21st, by Stephen Mann in Politics & Society. No Comments

The Friends of Ashburton Park will hold their second public meeting on 23rd October 2013. Attendees can expect a vibrant campaign and an experienced community organiser, as Stephen Mann explains

In September, on a cold, wet Wednesday evening in Ashburton Park, just under fifty concerned local residents huddled under a tree to discuss the need to prevent the sale of the former library … Read More »

We can still save Ashburton Park

Posted on June 13th, by Stephen Mann in Politics & Society. 6 comments

Ashburton resident Stephen Mann puts the spotlight on community efforts to save an important space from ‘death by disrepair’

With the Croydon Heritage Festival taking place over the coming weeks, I feel it is worth time to raise the status of the unused and neglected former Ashburton Library building.

Many a Croydonian will recognise the distinctive character of Ashburton Park. Over the … Read More »