Restaurant review: MEATliquor, Boxpark Croydon

Posted on August 14th, by Steve Thompson in Culture. No Comments

Burgers and beer provide for a flavoursome evening

It is rare for me to visit Boxpark these days – apart from going to the Cronx Bar – but a friend wanted to try MEATliquor, so I acquiesced!

Having run the gauntlet of the incessant dance music being pumped out by Boxpark, it was a pleasure to be given a table around the side, out of earshot … Read More »

Review: Art & Craft CR0 bar, Surrey Street

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Good beer and cool art come to Surrey Street

They say that good things come in small packages. This certainly applies to the new bar in Surrey Street, Art & Craft, a very welcome addition to the pub and bar scene in Croydon, situated in the former Croydon Advertiser building – whose original sign they hope to restore.

The bar is owned by Tom Talbot and … Read More »

Review: Croydon’s first official street-art walking tour

Posted on May 11th, by Steve Thompson in Culture. 2 comments

Taking to the pavement to admire the borough’s quirky collection of murals, installations and paintings

I have, for a long time, marvelled at the beautiful piece of street art on the corner of Park Street and St George’s Walk – a stunning depiction of his wife by the Ghanaian-British painter Dreph, painted on Valentine’s Day.

This work is just one of many that brightens up parts … Read More »

Review: A Journey through Brutalism – the guided walk

Posted on March 20th, by Steve Thompson in Culture. 1 Comment

A great opportunity to see our town through new eyes, thanks to RISE Gallery

Organised by RISE Gallery, St George’s Walk, this fascinating tour complements the current Brutalist exhibition at the gallery.

The tour was led by the ebullient Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison, owner of RISE Gallery, who gave interesting insights into Croydon buildings which most of us are familiar with, but probably know little more about them.

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Review: The Cronx Bar

Posted on November 8th, by Steve Thompson in Culture. 2 comments

This local success story offers the great beer and service of micro-pubs without the fuss, testosterone, or stuffiness

It’s become somewhat fashionable to suggest that prior to Boxpark’s arrival, Croydon lacked good places to eat and drink. This is, of course, an exaggeration and somewhat unfair on existing Croydon businesses.

However, one thing that Croydon did lack was a purist beer bar; although there are many … Read More »

Event review: Keeping Calm in Croydon at the Croydon Literary Festival

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Croydon’s first literary festival was the scene of a thought-provoking session on mental well-being

September 2017 is proving especially good for seeing Croydon at its best. The month-long Warhol Croydon event and the first Croydon Literary Festival together have really been putting our town on the map.

Croydon’s inaugural literary festival was a day-long event held on Saturday 9th September in the David Lean Cinema in … Read More »

Event review: Never Mind the Boxpark

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Instagrammers’ tour of Croydon culture from punk to pop-ups

The fascinating ‘Never Mind the Boxpark’ walk was the brilliantly researched brainchild of Angela Martin and Julia Woollams of the Croydonist. The Facebook description, “a collection of the best bits of the borough according to us”, was particularly apt for this walk.

After meeting our small group at the foot of the No. 1 Croydon tower, also … Read More »

Event review: ‘Radio Days Transmission Two: The War Years’ by Theatre Workshop Coulsdon

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Advance Theatre Workshop Coulsdon. Long live the cause of freedom. God save the king!

Theatre Workshop Coulsdon has been in existence for forty-six years and has an excellent reputation for innovative and independent work, performed to a very high standard. This reputation is definitely maintained, indeed enhanced, by its latest production: ‘Radio Days Transmission Two: The War Years’. It was staged from 1st April to … Read More »

What I think of Boxpark, by one of its neighbours

Posted on January 11th, by Steve Thompson in Politics & Society. 10 comments

In Croydon, for Croydon? Nice try, but there’s a long way to go

A recent article in the Citizen on the subject of Boxpark exhorted us not to moan about it. But I feel that in some cases, rose-tinted spectacles have been too much in evidence. My aim here is to offer my own thoughts as a relatively near neighbour of the site (I live in Cross Road, Addiscombe).

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