Parenting geek at Christmas: 25th December is just another day

Posted on December 23rd, by Tara Green in Culture. 1 Comment

Croydon’s local ‘parenting geek’, Tara Green, offers advice on surviving the seasonal celebrations with sanity intact

Principles of a happy family Christmas

Christmas Day is just another day – your body will still need actual food as well as treats. The sensible part of us knows this, but the pressure to create a picture perfect Christmas is ingrained in us. We know that memories of Christmas stick in … Read More »

The season to be jolly? How to deal with family conflict at Christmas

Posted on December 23rd, by Tara Green in Culture. 1 Comment

Gather all your relatives. Overfeed them and give them plenty to drink. Get the children hyper. Croydon’s own parenting coach can help you deal with the consequences

In my Croydon Advertiser column and on my Parenting Geek coaching blogs, I help people face the challenges children and families bring – however much we love them. That’s never more true than at Christmas.

I love … Read More »

The Issue of Prison Trays and Dignity in the School Dining Hall

Posted on August 1st, by Tara Green in Politics & Society. 2 comments

Local school counsellor and mother of three, Tara Green reflects on what we’re teaching Croydon’s children during their lunch breaks

If you ever see a crazy woman standing at a pedestrian crossing with her children, waiting for the green man to appear before she crosses the road, even though the road is totally barren of cars, then that crazy woman could be me. … Read More »

Kudos to the community: the Purley Festival is here!

Posted on June 25th, by Tara Green in Culture. 7 comments

Tara Green explains how the week of celebration at the Purley Festival is brought to life by an army of talented and dedicated volunteers

For the third year in a row, the Purley Festival is underway. The Mayor arrived yesterday to officially open the festival, kicking off a week of fun and hi-jinx. Thousands of local people will take part in the festival in … Read More »

Computer Programmers Don’t Just Write Games!

Posted on May 20th, by Tara Green in Croydon: Tech City. 3 comments

Tara Green reports from the frontlines of Code Club’s war on technophobia and obsolescence – Croydon’s primary schools


The 7 and 8 year old children of our borough are cross. In true digital-native style, these children are feeling a bit left out because Croydon Code Club is not for them. The volunteer-lead action group is working very hard to get a computer-programming after school club into every … Read More »

How to be a Croydon Citizen

Posted on March 28th, by Tara Green in Politics & Society. 6 comments

What makes a person who lives in Croydon a true Croydon citizen? Tara Green has some ideas on how to give and get the best from your town

I like the fact that this site is called The Croydon Citizen. Citizen is a word with gravitas and weight. I am a Croydon citizen. This is a statement of identity and … Read More »