The elephant that glows in the dark

Posted on December 24th, by Terry Coleman in History. 4 comments

Our last writer before we take a break for christmas, Terry Coleman gives us the history of a festive family heirloom

A little family tale, a conceit for Christmas.

As a child I visited my grandmother often, she lived nearby in a tiny cottage at West Croydon. It was a happy house and Nanny was a kind and generous person. The front parlour was … Read More »

What is this thing called ‘gentrification’? How history may shape personal opinions

Posted on October 9th, by Terry Coleman in History. 3 comments

In the Croydon Citizen’s final piece on the gentrification debate (for this week, at least!), long-term resident Terry Coleman shares his family’s century-long view of class and change in Croydon

There seems to be a debate forming around the social mix and mobility of our townsfolk. It’s an important subject and I would like to join the discussion by putting some of my personal history … Read More »

Tramways and Fine Arts

Posted on August 27th, by Terry Coleman in Culture. 4 comments

Terry Coleman has a dream – let’s take a sideways glance at part of our artistic heritage.

Pondering the artistic and cultural landscape of our town, I often wonder if we need somebody to oversee the various large scale developments from an artistic point of view. An Arts Supremo or Tsar perhaps.

Somebody well versed in the traditional visual arts and architectural … Read More »

Croydon’s ambitious spire

Posted on April 29th, by Terry Coleman in History. 6 comments

West Croydon devotee Terry Coleman shares his thoughts on the symbolic West Croydon Church, and its history in a multi-faith, riot-torn area

On 22nd August 2011 I was called to a meeting at the Oshwal Centre, at No. 1 Campbell Road in Croydon. The meeting had been arranged by our then MP Malcolm Wicks and its purpose was to discuss the riot that … Read More »

Broad Green and all that jazz

Posted on April 23rd, by Terry Coleman in History. 4 comments

As the debate surrounding Broad Green’s classification rages on, long-term resident Terry Coleman reflects on the history of the potential village

As a child, ‘going down town’ meant a shopping trip to the town centre, accompanied by mum of course. We walked in those days (1940-1950) from where we lived along St James’s Rd towards Broad Green.

On St James’s Road were … Read More »

From air-raids to riots – does Croydon still have what it takes to survive?

Posted on April 2nd, by Terry Coleman in History. 2 comments

Long-term resident Terry Coleman shares his early memories of Croydon, and wonders how far the town has come since the blitz.

I was born in 1940 during the blitz, which was a desperate time in the history of our nation when the Luftwaffe was attacking us with ferocious might. I can vaguely remember the air raids, the sound of exploding munitions and drone … Read More »

Memories of an occasion at Fairfield Halls

Posted on January 29th, by Terry Coleman in Culture. 4 comments

Terry Coleman recalls a magical evening at Fairfield Halls in the 1960s

It was a cold January night in 1963 when I visited Fairfield Halls for a concert by Duke Ellington and his Orchestra. I was new to Ellington at that time, and was not quite sure what to expect.

The concert hall was packed. Several elderly and distinguished black … Read More »

Croydon Tech City – Long-term Croydon resident Terry Coleman shares his thoughts

Posted on January 23rd, by Terry Coleman in Croydon: Tech City, History, Opinion. 1 Comment

On the eve of Croydon Tech City’s 2013 Launch Event, Terry Coleman uncovers Croydon’s sixty-year secret history

It pleases me no end to hear about the young people who are committed to forming a Croydon Tech City community - this is a very positive and worthwhile enterprise for the town.

I am grateful that my final school, founded by the scientific instrument maker and town benefactor William … Read More »

The Co-op, London Road, Croydon

Posted on January 11th, by Terry Coleman in History. 7 comments

Long-term Croydon resident Terry Coleman shares his memories of the London Road Co-op in the 1940s and 1950s.

The present Lidl store on the London Road was once a Co-op store. Although this is a rebuild dating from the 1990s, it would have been quite close to the site of the original Co-op which I remember going to during the the 1940s–1950s.

The … Read More »