How was the Croydon Citizen made?

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Former General Manager Tom Black explains the Citizen behind the scenes

How did the Citizen operate day-to-day?

The Citizen was run by one person full-time, assisted by a team of volunteers in their spare time. The people filling these roles changed across the life of the publication.

Once per week, usually on Sunday mornings, the core editorial team would meet over Google Hangout and discuss various matters … Read More »

The Public Gallery: 2018 election special

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The situation one month before Croydon goes to the polls to elect a new council

London-wide polling suggests the shockwaves of a Labour earthquake will be felt in Croydon

There are reasons to be cautious when treating London-wide polling as an indicator of how a specific borough in London will swing. The results across the capital will not be copy-and-pasted by voters into each council. There are parts … Read More »

What does Croydon need in 2018?

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Six contributors to the Citizen met up for a roundtable discussion on where Croydon’s community, cultural scene and economy are right now, and what they’ll need in the coming year. Tom Black reports

In last month’s edition of the Citizen, editor-in-chief James Naylor reflected on the publication’s first five years by assessing the progress of Croydon’s regeneration in that time. One section of his article struck a … Read More »

Five years in the life of an extraordinary borough

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The Citizen‘s General Manager looks back on the Croydon that the Citizen was born into, and the one that it now inhabits

What a difference half a decade makes. Five years ago, I lived in Coulsdon, was perpetually single, and the idea of Westfield coming to Croydon was little more than a pipe dream. Now, I live in Balham.

The long-awaited bulldozers might not yet have … Read More »

Art, inclusivity and the awesomeness of Croydon: the Citizen meets the man behind Warhol Month

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Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison explains why he’s filled the streets with Warhol-influenced art

I’d like to interview more people next to a bomb. Not because of the implied time pressure – this bomb, mercifully is deactivated and covered in paint – but because, well, it’s a bit of a story to tell, isn’t it?

RISE Gallery is full of things that could form the basis of a gripping … Read More »

“It’s a hugely humbling position to be in – and very scary”: Sarah Jones on being Croydon’s newest MP

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Croydon’s first woman MP talks to Tom Black about what a difference two years makes, how to solve a problem like Southern, and the sudden celebrity status of Jeremy Corbyn

When I meet her, Sarah Jones has only been an MP for five weeks. But if her schedule the day we meet is anything to go by, hers is a job you just have to dive into.

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Croydon’s cultural innovators

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Croydon’s artists are pushing boundaries as much as their counterparts in business

Croydon’s innovating. Even the haters have admitted it at this point. The borough has now got more tech hubs than it has branches of Wimpy, you can buy Korean fried chicken from a shipping container, and now we even have a high-tech car park not unlike the one at the end of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. … Read More »

Event review: ‘Mr Mineshaft’ at Theatre Utopia, Thursday 15th – Saturday 18th December 2016

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A strong solo performance holds together a disjointed picture of an extraordinary life

I’m familiar with Theatre Utopia’s space, having seen shows there before and indeed having chaired the Citizen‘s 2015 election debate on its stage (back when it was simply ‘the Matthews Yard studio’). It’s come a long way this year. Small changes to furnishings, better curtains, improved lighting… it all adds up to a classy fringe … Read More »

Occupy the Gatwick Express

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Commuters of Croydon, unite! You have nothing to lose but the tyranny of Govia Thameslink Railway

This is a radical manifesto.

The commuters of Croydon have been ABANDONED for TOO LONG.

We are FORCED onto TRUNCATED TRAINS filled with TOO MANY of our fellow travellers.

Veterans of the Connex years once thought that things could never possibly get any worse.

Now their laughter … Read More »

The changers of Croydon need businesses like Bobski’s Kitchen

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A brush with death for a local culinary favourite raises long-term questions about the shape of the Croydon to come

The sign pictured above caused a storm when it appeared both physically and across Croydon’s Twittersphere last week. It’s easy to see why – a Croydonian starting a small business, one that brings delicious and oh-so-chic street food to our town centre, no less – then being … Read More »