Event review: the Picasso Bestiary exhibition at the TURF Gallery

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Tom Winter has a beastly time in Keeley Road

TURF Projects‘ latest exhibition entitled ‘A Bestiary’ is a reflection on a little known inaugural exhibition held at the Croydon Clocktower gallery some twenty years ago. This was entitled ‘Cock and Bull Stories: A Picasso Bestiary’ and was a wonderful collection of some eighty works by Picasso involving animals or monsters, available for all of south London to … Read More »

What’s brutal about Croydon?

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Tom Winter on why Croydon’s a gentler suburb than its reputation suggests

What is brutalism? It’s a style of building associated with pioneers such as the French architect Le Corbusier, in which ‘béton brut (concrete), [is] treated… uncompromisingly, with the formwork patterns not only visible but deliberately emphasised [and in which] aspects of mechanical engineering become overtly displayed’. (That’s according to James Stevens Curl in his Architectural … Read More »

Event review: What is Tru Luv? The first show in Croydon’s new TURF Space

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The sensual intensity of this exhibition is a reflection of love, says Tom Winter

As Morrissey once sang, the rain fell hard on a humdrum town as I made my way to the newly christened Turf Space, or as some may think of it, the space where Turf Projects now manifests its physicality. Despite my recent lack of involvement with Turf Projects due to the demands of … Read More »

Art, fun and public space in Croydon: the adventure continues at Putt Putt #2

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Tom Winter plays crazy golf like you’ve never seen it before

On a warm Friday evening in early July following a tiring day at work, I find myself coasting on my bicycle down to the opening of Turf Project’s Putt Putt #2 interactive art installation near East Croydon station. Having successfully gained funding earlier in the year through Arts Council England, Stanhope Schroder, Kickstarter and supportive … Read More »

Croydon Perspectives – Glenn Foster Photography Exhibition at Matthews Yard

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Tom Winter gets a sneak peek of Glenn Foster’s photography exhibition that opens today in Matthew’s Yard and learns a few things about photography

Walking into Matthews Yard on a sunny Friday evening having strolled through Croydon I was told I would know who Glenn Foster was by his comfortable location on the sofas and the presence of his dog, and luckily that is where I … Read More »

Croydon’s concrete – it’s in the mix: The Hauntology of Croydon exhibition at the Parfitt Gallery

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Tom Winter takes a fresh and surprising look at Croydon’s notorious urban fabric but finds himself sadly unable to stroke the exhibits

Having never been to the Parfitt Gallery at Croydon College before, I walked through the front entrance on Park Lane and found myself in a student hairdressing salon – a harsh architectural reminder that no matter how grand and symmetrically-centred a front entrance … Read More »

A year on the land, a day on the Turf: fundraising for the arts in Croydon

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This wasn’t The Shawshank Redemption– it was Croydon on a Saturday afternoon

My neck burning in the curiously unseasonal March heat, I suddenly realised I had been digging for an unknown length of time. Everyone around me seemed in a similar trance. This was not, however, a scene from The Shawshank Redemption, but a large group of volunteers in the centre of Croydon on a Saturday … Read More »

A Metropolitan Heart

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Tom Winter studies the detachment between central London and Croydon, in both a physical and metaphorical sense

When viewed from the relaxing distance of a passing plane heading towards its end at Gatwick, you could almost re-imagine Croydon’s grey roof-scape as a version of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam. A bold comparison it could be said, but when the blood between Croydon and London is compared … Read More »

My Very Own Italian Summer

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You don’t have to go to the Milanese backstreets to get a taste of the Mediterranean

Having recently begun working for an architectural practice within the colourful expanse of the South Croydon café and restaurant district, it was only natural that I found myself spending cycle rides to and from work being distracted by the animated streetscape and lunch times being occupied with wandering the … Read More »

Matthews Yard, The Last Craftsman

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Matthews Yard is a feast for the eyes as well as the belly

I walk into Matthews Yard from the biting October cold with my cycling hat still firmly in place, a habit I have enforced upon myself since my girlfriend made it perfectly clear that it made me look like an idiot, but I love it so the hat stays. Tea bought and a seat found, I finally … Read More »