A new Fairfield Halls

Posted on December 22nd, by Tony Newman in Politics & Society. 31 comments

After the Citizens took a critical look at the council’s plans in our “Future of Fairfield Week”, council leader Tony Newman sets out the case in favour of refurbishing Croydon’s biggest venue

As council leader, let me nail a number of myths that have been perpetuated by those who should know better.

Fairfield Halls will reopen in 2018 and will be the pride of south London … Read More »

We will make Croydon the transport hub of the south, but don’t worry if you miss your connection

Posted on July 30th, by Tony Newman in Politics & Society. 7 comments

Croydon Labour’s Tony Newman, Leader of Croydon Council, explains his administration’s vision for Croydon – a connected town with plenty of reasons to visit it

Last week, Croydon councillors from both parties buried the hatchet and backed Labour’s call for Gatwick expansion, and for bringing the Bakerloo Line to Croydon. The case for Gatwick is clear and compelling: it comes at no cost … Read More »

Somewhere to call home

Posted on March 11th, by Tony Newman in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Tony Newman, leader of Croydon Labour’s council group, assesses the state of Croydon’s housing bill

Twenty five years ago, more than eighty percent of the public funding for housing went into bricks and mortar. In other words, actually building new homes for people to live in. Today, tragically, more than eighty percent of that funding now pays for the housing benefit bill. That’s … Read More »