Event review: ‘With Each Passing Moment’ at RISEgallery

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Capturing subtle moments at RISEgallery

‘With Each Passing Moment’ is the second exhibition of the year at the St George’s Walk art gallery, and the first photography exhibition that it has ever held. It features work by William Klein, Susan Derges, Helmut Newton, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Steve McCurry, Ralph Gibson, Maurizio Catellan, Luis Lazo, Tim Strange and Seamus Nicolson.

Whereas ‘The Light Within’ was an amazing … Read More »

An invitation to CDNzine‘s Croydon street art jam, Sunday 23rd July

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A free festival of live street art and music will take place on Sunday 23rd July in the Croydon arts quarter

On Saturday 23rd July a free festival of live street art by twenty-five artists will be held in the Croydon arts quarter. But it’s like no previous street art event that Croydon has seen: this one will celebrate the Croydon music scene past and present. It features flashback DJs … Read More »

Event review: Femme Fierce freak-out, Sunday 15th February

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Imagine artist and urban photographer Wes Baker’s excitement on hearing the Femme Fierce ladies were coming to town

Last May, I wrote an article titled ‘The Urban Gallery‘ about street art, and how it how it would be able to lift the profile of Croydon. So you can imagine my excitement to hear of the Femme Fierce ladies’ plans to head into town. Sunday 15th February saw … Read More »

Event review: opening of the Hypnos exhibition by Lee Hadwin at RISE gallery, Thursday 15th January

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Realising that he produces art in his sleep, Lee Hadwin keeps paper and pens handy. Wes Baker finds out more

People do all sorts while sleeping: dream, have nightmares and even make dinner. Lee Hadwin puts pen, paint and various other media to paper. From the age of four it was realised Lee would sleepwalk, producing artwork on his bedroom walls. So, aware of his … Read More »

Event review: Live @ Croydon Pop-Up Emporium

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Wes Baker is organising a series of pop-up music events in Church Street Croydon. Here – with a little help from his friends – he reports on what happened one Saturday in September

On Saturday 27th September I was delighted to help stage the second Live @ Croydon Pop-Up Emporium event. It’s an idea born from a quick chat with a few of the … Read More »

Old town, new ideas: The master plan, part 3

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Following on from last week’s review, Wes Baker gives his final thoughts on the master plan for Croydon’s old town

Roman Way

Effectively an urban motorway slicing the old town in two, and not encouraging anyone in a vehicle to stop or drive at city speeds so as to take in more of the area. The idea is that Roman Way could … Read More »

Old town, new ideas: The master plan, part 2

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After kicking off his review of the Croydon Old Town Master Plan event last week, Wes Baker presents the potential futures of Reeves Corner and the Minster quarter

Popping back into Matthews Yard, I had a second look at the Master Plan exhibition. To condense the strategy down, the focus is on Movement (for pedestrians, cyclist, and motorists)

Movement (for pedestrians, cyclist and motorists)
Rejuvenating Reeves … Read More »

Old town, new ideas: The master plan, part 1

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Wes Baker reports on his hopes and the developing plans for Croydon’s old town

It’s June 20th and Allies and Morrison present a series of ideas for the old town master plan at Matthews Yard. Having taken part in the ideas workshop, I arrived excited to see which of the ideas had been taken forward. For a very visual person like me, it was very … Read More »

Connectin Croydon

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Bicycle aficionado Wes Baker reports on Croydon’s recent celebration of cycling and connection

As an avid cyclist I set aside my day to attend the weekend bicycle event in Exchange Square. ‘Connectin Croydon’ was hosted as a way to celebrate the new east-to-west cycle route linking Wandle Park and Park Hill via the town centre’s Exchange Square and Surrey Street market.

Taking a look … Read More »

The Urban Gallery

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Exploring the East End of London on one of my street photography walkabouts I came across graffiti executed to the highest level. I decided this was something I was going to have to capture. I assumed this was something that was located only in the more obvious locations of Bethnal Green Road, Brick Lane, and the Great Eastern Street, but on further exploration of the myriad of back … Read More »