Why the bike needs to be at the top of the pecking order

Posted on April 5th, by Wes in Politics & Society. 7 comments

Local reporter, photographer, Frohican, and biking enthusiast Wes Baker explains why two wheels are better than four (or more!)

When I cycle into central London on a weekday I notice something once I hit Brixton that I don’t in Croydon. What I notice is I’m travelling with other cyclists almost like a school of fish instead of a lone whale shark. I understand that the … Read More »

Old town, new ideas

Posted on April 3rd, by Wes in History. 4 comments

Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners opens up the floor for Croydon citizens to create the Master Plan for regenerating Old Town. Roving reporter and Croydon’s own Frohican, Wes Baker was on hand to report on Old Town’s future

On the 26th March, Allies and Morrison hosted the ideas workshop for the Old Town Master Plan. The event took place at … Read More »

From third city to third place via critical mass

Posted on March 13th, by Wes in Culture. 12 comments

On Saturday 9th March, Croydon’s creatives descended upon Matthews Yard to discuss their plans for Croydon. Wes Baker was on hand to report and consider their chances of success

I sat down to be informed about the creative future of my hometown and came away with the question: how do we reach critical mass in relation to a creative community? The talk covered … Read More »