Wesley Baker brings music and street art together

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One Croydonian has high hopes for the borough’s future

The founder of CDN, Wesley Baker, is a photographer and event organiser based in Croydon. Wesley is one of many community members actively working on the downtown area’s regeneration and specifically the street art movement.

After leaving Coventry University, Wes returned to Croydon and began immersing himself in the tech and art communities. He was frustrated with … Read More »

Croydon’s street art community prospers

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Only four years ago Central Croydon was visually a very different place

The streets lacked creative inspiration. It would take a few dedicated artists to start a movement that would change the community and its landscape.

In 2014 artists began flocking to Croydon’s blank canvas and using its troubled past to paint a better future. Since then Croydon has since been given a major splash of colour by … Read More »

Where Croydon stands after the Grenfell Tower investigation

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The tragedy at the Grenfell Tower in June has pushed boroughs across London to re-evaluate fire safety

Croydon’s council was quick to review the fire conditions of its own housing blocks after news spread of malpractice at Grenfell Tower. After its review of thirty-nine council blocks, the council deemed that the cladding used is fire retardant and good quality.

“Our cladding is 3mm thick aluminium panelling, … Read More »

Annual summit demonstrates the strength of Croydon’s tech community

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Croydon Tech City held a summit for tech-based businesses to intermingle and to plan for a better future

Several technology based businesses gathered last week on Wednesday afternoon to discuss Croydon’s future. Entrepreneurs set up booths showing off their most recent innovations. The overall excitement for new technology charged the event with creativity and ambition.

“I know how scary it is to be an entrepreneur, so much … Read More »

Artists from the deaf community celebrated with a fashion show

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Central Croydon becomes a hub for deaf culture to express itself

As the beat slowly grew louder a door opened at the entrance to the runway. Chris Fonseca came running out and began to move in perfect sync with the rhythm. To the uneducated observer, the performance was just another choreographed dance. However, he couldn’t hear the music. Fonseca is deaf.

Last week, on Wednesday evening, … Read More »

Breaking of fast brings diverse cultures together

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Traditions of Ramadan strengthen community ties

On the evening of Tuesday 30th May, a heartwarming event was held in central Croydon. A large meal called iftar was prepared to observe the tradition of Ramadan and to bring the people of Croydon together. At a time when a few individuals seek to show that extremist violence and hatred exists in the UK, Croydon’s local community provided love, acceptance … Read More »

Sarah Jones has gained Croydon Central for Labour

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Croydon Central result changes Croydon’s political map for first time since 2005

After a long night of counting and deliberation, the results came in for Croydon’s three constituencies. Croydon North and Croydon South have been traditionally safe seats for the Labour and Conservative parties respectively. This year’s results kept those seats in the red and blue columns. However Croydon Central swung left and was gained by the … Read More »