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More thoughts on tackling gangs and knife crime in Croydon

Posted on June 21st, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 2 comments

What else can we do to try to prevent this deadly culture from getting worse?

Sadly, Croydon did not elect a Conservative-led council on 3rd May. Whether the Labour-led council takes up the idea of consulting a panel of experts to advise on tackling knife crime remains to be seen. Just in case they don’t, let’s develop the argument beyond my previous article, which was couched largely … Read More »

My hopes and fears for Croydon’s young mayor

Posted on June 20th, by Nicolina Andall in Politics & Society. No Comments

What can our young mayor hope to achieve for the community?

So there I was, sitting in my choir busily thumbing the pages of my songbook when, suddenly, a leaflet was thrust into my hands.

I turned to see my good friend, grinning in my face, saying “My William is standing for young mayor… tell everyone to vote for him”. Given that I was about thirty … Read More »

What I learned when I attended a Croydon death café

Posted on June 19th, by Gokchen Odebas in Politics & Society. No Comments

Advertised as offering ‘healthy and insightful conversations’, what happens when we meet to talk about death?

I’m new to Croydon. One of the ways to get to know a neighbourhood is to meet with people in public and chat. We might talk about our children, our occupation, hobbies and education. We might even share our troubles, and how we ended up in this place.

But … Read More »

Memories of Croydon, explored in the ‘Wall of Recall’

Posted on June 19th, by Barnaby Powell in Politics & Society. No Comments

An imaginative project marked National Dementia Week in Croydon

One in fourteen of us over the age of sixty-five will fall prey to dementia, that sad human condition where the body outlives the mind. The consequent lapse in mental faculties causes great confusion, anxiety and distress in sufferers and to their loved ones. This loss of short-term memory, in particular, causes grievous loss of control over the … Read More »

Croydon Environmental Fair 2018 in Wandle Park

Posted on June 18th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

A ten-minute walk away from Croydon town centre, all was green – and a bit too peaceful

On Saturday 9th June Croydon’s greenest citizens held the borough’s eighth Environmental Fair in the serene surroundings of Wandle Park.

Enthusiastic representatives from Croydon Saffron Central, the Friends of Wandle Park, West Croydon’s Our Green Mile, Croydon Community Connectors, Friends of the Earth, Croydon Amnesty, the Spinal Health Centre, … Read More »

Two years on and Brexit is still going strong

Posted on June 14th, by Michael Swadling in Politics & Society. 11 comments

Twenty-four months after the EU referendum, where are we in Croydon?

On 24th May Croydon’s Leave campaign team held a public meeting in Clyde Hall, Croydon, to discuss Britain’s opportunities outside the EU. The meeting had guest speakers Chris Philp, MP for Croydon South, and London Assembly member, David Kurten. Each spoke followed by a Q&A, with much follow-up discussion afterwards.

Chris supported the Remain campaign … Read More »

May 2018 in brief

Posted on June 14th, by The Croydon Citizen in Politics & Society. No Comments

The big news stories of May 2018, summarised by the Citizen team

The Croydon Partnership announced Waitrose and John Lewis as anchor stores in the proposed new Croydon Westfield retail development

On 31st May the Croydon Partnership confirmed that a four-level John Lewis store and a Waitrose will be the ‘anchor’ stores in its proposed town centre Westfield retail centre.

Work on the centre is set to begin in 2019. Councillor Alison Butler, … Read More »

Carers Week 2018: why we need more conversations about Croydon carers

Posted on June 11th, by Amy Deakin in Politics & Society. No Comments

Helping local carers get the support they need from the community

It’s Carers Week from 11th to 17th June 2018, an annual campaign to champion carers in our community. Over 33,000 Croydon residents care for a friend, family member or neighbour due to illness, disability or old age, and it’s only right that we recognise that fact. Carers support people who may have high support needs and … Read More »

Supporting Croydon’s homeless people with the Salvation Army

Posted on June 8th, by RAC in Politics & Society. No Comments

How volunteering at Croydon’s the Well project has led to a greater understanding of what it means to be human

The Well is the name of an inspirational homeless project run by the Salvation Army (S/A), in conjunction with other services, every Monday out of the S/A community hall in Croydon. The Well was brought into being by an ex-homeless person teaming up with the S/A to … Read More »

Looking back: Croydon’s local elections, 1968

Posted on June 7th, by Daniel Frost in Politics & Society. 2 comments

How the destruction of the Labour party in Croydon sowed the seeds of its eventual resurrection

Fifty years ago, Croydon’s Labour Party was reeling from the London borough’s first set of local elections following its creation in 1965. A relatively balanced set had been returned to the first council in 1964: twenty-one Labour, fifteen Residents or Independents (including six ‘Conservative-Residents’) and twenty-four out-and-out Conservatives.

By 9th … Read More »