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What the M25 Cat Killer teaches us about the value of human life

Posted on February 20th, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 16 comments

Do we understand – morally – the difference between right and wrong?

For the past three years, police have been on the hunt for a man allegedly responsible for the death and mutilation of hundreds of cats in Croydon and surrounding areas. The story resurfaced in December 2017, with cat killings in Northampton also being linked to the same perpetrator.

The outcry against … Read More »

Residents and politicians respond to cladding charges at Citiscape

Posted on February 19th, by Holly Bernstein in Politics & Society. No Comments

The property management company says there are no other funding options to remove unsafe cladding

The cladding on a residential building in Croydon may not be replaced until the property manager can collect enough money from leaseholder service charges.

After Grenfell Tower caught fire, safety tests were carried out on other blocks to determine if other buildings had the same cladding. The results showed that Citiscape, … Read More »

CRZero 2020: how can we end homelessness in Croydon?

Posted on February 9th, by Ian Marvin in Politics & Society. 2 comments

Getting to know and understand homeless people means that we can offer them the help that they really need

Like most residents of the borough, I’m aware of the increase in street homelessness over the last couple of years. What most of us don’t realise is that the majority of those living on the streets are supported back into housing relatively quickly. However, there is … Read More »

Veganuary 2018: I lived on plants for a month in Croydon

Posted on February 7th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Politics & Society. 10 comments

Veganism’s having a moment, but what’s it like 24/7?

Not everything that we write will stand the test of time. My article about World Vegan Day in Croydon two years ago didn’t. For goodness sake – it was only one day. Now that I’ve completed Veganuary – a full month of eating no animal products whatsoever: not just meat and fish but no eggs, milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, … Read More »

Three missed opportunities to sort out children’s social care

Posted on February 5th, by Tim Pollard in Politics & Society. 3 comments

The council’s management of children’s services is failing badly

Croydon Labour council leader Tony Newman, and the cabinet member for children, families and learning, Councillor Alisa Flemming, missed no fewer than three opportunities to intervene to correct falling standards in the department in the run-up to the council failing its Ofsted inspection of children’s services last summer. I am now the leader of the Conservative … Read More »

Winter in brief

Posted on February 1st, by The Croydon Citizen in Politics & Society. No Comments

The big news stories of December 2017 and January 2018, summarised by the Citizen team

Croydon bids to become London’s first Borough of Culture

Croydon entered the competition to become London’s first Borough of Culture in 2019, a new award announced by mayor Sadiq Khan. The bid was submitted in December, and the outcome will be announced in February. Twenty-two bids have been submitted and rivals include Brent, Camden, Greenwich … Read More »

New year’s resolutions for Croydon in 2018

Posted on January 29th, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 2 comments

More events, remembering to vote, cleaning up: one contributor’s proposals for a brighter 2018

I’m not a huge fan of new year’s resolutions

They look good, they sound good and they mean good, but very quickly they become onerous, guilt-inducing reminders that we are not as virtuous and capable as we like to think we are. To that end, they are fantastic, but if long-lasting behaviour … Read More »

Croydon Saffron Central will feature on BBC Radio 4′s Food Programme this Sunday, 28th January

Posted on January 26th, by Ally McKinlay in Politics & Society. 2 comments

Croydon’s urban saffron farm will be on the airwaves again this weekend

This Sunday Yasmin Khan, who was born in Croydon, presents a very special programme called Britain’s Secret Saffron Story for The Food Programme on the BBC’s Radio 4. I was lucky enough to be interviewed just before Christmas at Broadcasting House and shared all that I knew, as best I could, on Croydon’s connection to the saffron … Read More »

The Croydon Forum: a catalyst for positive change

Posted on January 25th, by Charles Barber in Politics & Society. 4 comments

The first meeting of the Croydon Forum for Change is branded a success

Get a group of people together who care about the future of Croydon, who have different experiences and expertise, and let them chat freely about how such a new group might help improve our diverse and fascinating borough. This was more or less the remit for the first meeting of The Croydon Forum for … Read More »

My Croydon – southern powerhouse

Posted on January 24th, by Barnaby Powell in Politics & Society. 4 comments

Make our borough great again – by making it fit for purpose

When I arrived as an incomer to Croydon twenty-five years ago, the place struck me as eminently fit for human habitation. It offered excellent mobility – both social and physical. You could be in London in the time it took to read a morning paper, or be out in the open countryside even sooner. From … Read More »