85 years on, Amy Johnson’s record-breaking flight from Croydon to Sydney is commemorated

By - Wednesday 6th May, 2015

It’s 85 years since Amy Johnson set out to fly solo from Croydon Airport to Sydney, Australia. To mark the anniversary, Croydon Airport is recreating it in a series of tweets over the twenty days of this epic journey.

Photo by Croydon Airport Society, used with permission.

Release begins: Yesterday, May 5th, marked the 85th anniversary of Amy Johnson’s historic solo flight to Australia. Amy Johnson set off from Croydon Airport on a journey that would see her achieve one of the most epic flights of the 20th Century. The flight was to become the longest solo flight piloted by a woman and took Amy on a journey into history.

To mark the 85th anniversary of Amy’s extraordinary achievement, the Croydon Airport Society will be re-living the 19 and half day flight, day by day, via their Croydon Airport Twitter feed. Follow the hash tag #AmyQOTS “Amy Johnson-Queen of the Skies”. Further information about Amy Johnson is available via the Croydon Airport Society website.

Amy was attempting to beat Bert Hinkler’s 1928 fifteen day record from Croydon to Australia. Her aircraft purchase was funded by her father Will Johnson and Lord Wakefield. The aircraft, a de Havilland DH60 Gypsy Moth, was named “Jason” which was the trademark name of her father’s fish import business.

Amy overcame many difficulties and setbacks during her journey and successfully reached Darwin, Australia after 19 and half days. She had set a world record as the fastest woman to Australia. The world’s media was in a frenzy following the heroic exploits of the 26 year old aviatrix and Amy became one of the most famous pilots of the 1930’s. Follow the events of 1930 as they unfolded via the Croydon Airport Twitter feed #AmyQOTS.

Release ends.

Release sender: Croydon Airport Society.



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