Abdul Basit, a Croydon social activist, receives peace award in Delhi, India

By - Saturday 16th June, 2018

Abdul Basit, a local social activist, has received an award recognising his work in bringing peace and education to communities in the UK and India. 

Photo by Abdul Basit, used with permission.

Release begins: Abdul Basit, a Croydon based social activist and property developer received the BRICS Alliance Forum Peace Award; this prestigious award was given by a five-country forum comprising of (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).

The BRICS Alliance event took place at Taj Palace Hotel in Delhi, India from May 21st to 23rd 2018 where Business Leaders, Political Leaders, Diplomats, fashion designers and famous film Industry artists from 40 different countries participated.

Abdul received this award for promoting Peace and Education within communities in UK and India, Peace Award was presented by the Honourable Indian Prime Ministers office Minister Jitendra Singh and BRICS Alliance President Larisa Zelentsova. Few other notable person who received “Life Time Achievement Award” in this event are, British Politician Lord Diljit Singh Rana MBE, and Bollywood Actress Late Sridevi.

Abdul Basit has been involved in peace activities in Croydon, UK and India. He works closely with several international NGOs to promote peace and love in the form of education to humanity. His passionate involvement to establish peace among all humans as made him evolve a ‘World Humanitarian Drive (WHD), which he currently has registered to be a community organisation based in Croydon, UK, the main vision of this drive is to establish peace and harmony among all human beings through education, arts and sports.

Abdul is also working towards finding sustainable solutions for current humanitarian crisis involving terrorism, radicalisation, and violence and mass migration of people as refugees and help migrant families to integrate into Britain through his charity WHD. Recently Abdul Basit met All India Imam Organisation Chief Dr Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi at Delhi, India. Dr Ilyasi is the voice of half-million imams of India and a spiritual guide to millions of world Muslims. This is the largest organisation in the world with a prominent capacity of national and international level. Dr Ilyasi is also a nominated Honorary Lieutenant Governor to the Middle East continent for IOED. Most of the prominent world bodies approach Dr Ilyasi for guidance on issues relating to Islam and Muslims. He is one of the few Islamic scholars who hold very candid and vocal position against extremism and terrorism  in whatever form it exists. Hence Abdul Basit approached Hon. Dr Ilyasi as a credible man with a rational view and as a person who strongly believes in interfaith harmony of world religions, Abdul Basit requested him to give a positive fatwa (suggestion) for all the half-million imams in the world who follow him.

The Positive Education Fatwa (suggestion) requested by Abdul Basit for Muslim imams to propagate education should be made compulsory for all children until graduations for boys and girls regardless of their religious background in India. Hon. Dr Ilyasi was kind and generous to listen to the request and Mr Basit  explained the reasons why to promote education in India to all faiths children regardless of sex differences and in the above matter why it’s time to think in a progressive way of thinking especially in the religion of Islam for a brighter harmonious future where our children can live in peace. Hon. Dr Ilyasi has kindly accepted Mr Basit’s request and promised to officially announce this positive fatwa to promote education to our children. Hon. Dr.Ilyasi has showed the way to all the half-million imams who follow him through Croydon’s social activist Abdul Basit.

If you are planning for a year.

Sow Rice.

If you are planning for Decade.

Plant Trees.

If you are Planning for a Lifetime.

Educate People.

Release ends.

Release sender: World Humanitarian Drive.



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